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We finally have all 3. Liv’s is the only one I am happy with, FYI. BUT, this is why we don’t spend a lot of money on school photos. They generally suck, am I right?

So here is Bud. He is not usually so, how do you say, crazy, in the eyes. But there is some serious possessioncrazy going on here.

Here is Lu. Her hair was sleek and gorgeous before she left on picture day morning. She maybe had a run in with a wild animal. Maybe a real owl! Who knows.

And here is Olivia, the devil in disguise. And that is a whole post for another day. Being cute keeps her out of trouble more than you would think.

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  1. I just got those owl barrettes and they don't stay in worth crap. Sigh.I don't think he looks crazy and I think they're good pics of them all, but really, does anyone ever get an AMAZING school pic?

  2. I think they all look great. It's so hard to get good photos of kids smiling nicely, but they all look perfect!

  3. Wow, Olivia's turned out AMAZING! And the other two are Quite Good. So far we have three Quite Good, one that's not TECHNICALLY very good but it's hilarious enough that I wanted to keep it, and one Quite Bad that we haven't gotten the re-takes for back yet.

  4. I just can't get over how big they are all getting! And the owl shirts are gorgeous on the girls.

  5. I always have a soft spot for Lu because she reminds me of me when I was a kid (hi, I'm a narcissist). I totally had the frizzes in every school pic ever. Hers is much more contained than mine (must be owl magic). All three of your kids look cute, and so grown up!

  6. These are seriously cute. And yes, I could see how that face could cure all manner of bad behavior.

  7. Look at your lovely children. Isn't it wild how Lucy has such dark hair and Liv has such blondy hair? Genes! Go figure.They are all beautiful. I can see why you are so proud of them (devilry aside…) šŸ™‚


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