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Hub and I moved in together in the fall of 1997, on my 19th birthday to be exact, in to a one bedroom basement apartment on the outskirts of our home town. To say that my parents were not thrilled would be putting it quite mildly. Though my mother had told me on numerous occasions that I was no longer welcome in her home since I refused to follow her stringent rules (this is a very long story for another day—I’ll tell it if you’re interested), when it came time for me to actually leave, she was beyond pissed. I had to get out of there in a hurry, so I packed as much as the back of my Ford Ranger pickup could hold, and I got the hell out of there in one trip. This of course, left me without a bed. My mother said I couldn’t have it anyway, so I guess it is a moot point that it did not fit.

Hub’s mother was much more understanding and supported our move. She purchased and packed many things up for us. Allowed Hub to bring his bed with him, and all of his furniture. Hub may have purchased the furniture on his own, now that I am thinking about it, so maybe it wasn’t a case of her allowing him to bring his stuff. My point though is that she was happy for us, and helped us as much as she could. In the box of items that she had purchased, was a comforter. It was ugly; it sort of reminded me of of that laser photo background from the 80’s. But it was warm and comfortable, and was basically my bed for the 1st 6 months Hub and I lived together. Later, when things cooled down with my parents, I did get my bed, but I kept the comforter.

When we moved in to our house in 1999, FIL bought us a queen sized bed, and we inherited his and MIL’s bedroom set (seeing as how they’d been separated for 25 years at that point). We bought new bedding, of course and cast the old comforter aside. Soon we realized there was a big problem though. It was impossible for Hub and me to share a blanket. He is a blanket hog and I am a cocoon myself in the blanket sort of girl. Constantly, I’d be wrapped up just right, only to have him pull the covers right off of me.

This is when we got a brilliant idea. Separate bedding. Oh yes. For at least 10 year now, Hub and I have used completely separate sets of blankets. He took the old comforter and I took the new. It was a glorious sleeping experience for many years.

I mentioned how we bought new bedding this past weekend—and that was because all of our old stuff was falling apart. It was time. Hub took off the blankets and immediately took them out to the trash. So we bought a really nice set that matches the bedspread I got as a wedding shower gift, and we came home and set it all up. It’s pretty, soft and comfortable. But there is one problem. Now we have to share. I haven’t slept since Saturday.

We’re both kind of at a loss. The end result is going to be for us to buy another blanket, obviously. But I am left wondering how people do this? How do you share your blankets with another person? Is there a magical way to make it work? Educate me people.

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  1. Torsten and I share blankets with no problem, but I think that's because neither of us requires a big pile of them or a cocoon or anything. We both just lie there with the blankets over us. If we liked more complicated arrangements like you guys do then we would probably also want separate blankets.

  2. I think the separate blankets is genius. Whatever allows you to get a good night's it! 🙂

  3. Oh no. We have to have seperate blankets. I do not understand how anyone gets away with sharing them. How strange! Go to Target and buy a blanket. They have a nice selection right now. We just got a set for Honey because his comforter bit the dust.

  4. (Yes I want to hear more about the mom story)I LOVE that ya'll have to buy separate blankets. Like I'm picturing a bed with one beautiful quilt and one ugly flannel blanket heheheheeeHubs and I share okay until cold weather hits. The only way we get through it that we have a king size comforter and a queen size bed. He uses the excess easily in the winter and I don't have to constantly rip it away from him. Plus it doesn't look weird on our bed because I've never technically 'made' the bed ha!

  5. T and I don't share blankets anymore. I make the bed with a top sheet and he uses the top sheet and an electric twin sized blanket I bought him for christmas (before that he used an ugly old twin blanket with tigers on it omg.) We have a king sized down comforter that I use all for myself it's heaven!! When I want to fix the bed I just fix it.. blanket on his side and comforter covering everything, so you can't tell. I also distribute the pillows so you'd never know that 6 of them were mine and he is only allowed to use 2 of them. I HATE sharing blankets, and I'm starting to think I'd like my own damn bed to be honest. I do love him but I seem to sleep much better alone. On any night there is a wall of pillows between our faces, because I cannot stand feeling someone's hot breath in my face. I realize this makes me sound like a witch but I bet it's more common than we think haha.

  6. I had no idea there were so many people with separate blanket issues. Did you? Fascinating!My husband is always Mr. Heatmeister, so it's not an issue to share blankets. I agree, though, that one of you gets the blanket that came with the set and the other gets a nice fuzzy blanket you keep folded at the end of the bed during the day. Don't torture yourself, be comfortable.

  7. The only way it works is that my husband is always warm and doesn't use the blanket, and I am always cold and need it. Otherwise? Separate blankets!


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