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Questions for Saturday

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What else would I ask this time of year? Questions about Thanksgiving, of course! Please indulge me with your answers.

1. White meat or dark meat?
2. Gravy or no gravy?
3. Do you call it stuffing, or dressing? And what kind does your family eat? (cornbread, sausage, oyster etc.)
4. Cranberry sauce? Yes or no.
5. What is your one cannot live without Thanksgiving dish? What is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?
6. Who are you spending Thanksgiving with this year?

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  1. Oh thank goodness you posted my family is driving me insane and i need a distraction. Um, anyway:1. White, but really, none. I don't like turkey too much.2. No gravy. Ew to gravy, but perhaps I have not had GOOD gravy?3. Stuffing. Cornbread from my family, something atrocious like stovetop from Gregg's. I'm making cornbread.4. Yessssssss.5. The onions on top of green bean casserole, but honestly, I could live without any of it. I used to love Thanksgiving but now it is so much work that it makes me a little slumpy and tired and I'd be ok with a box of Annie's cheddar bunnies and a book. (That may be me ramping up for family.)6. Inlaws.

  2. 1. Gravy.2. Gravy.3. Gravy.4. Gravy.5. Gravy.6. Gravy.I love gravy. And also my mom's stuffing.

  3. I like Nowheymama's answers best.1. Dark meat (but I don't like turkey)2. GRAVY!3. Stuffing (which I also don't like) – my MIL makes it using cornbread4. Don't like cranberry sauce either (are you beginning to see why I don't love Thanksgiving?)5. Mashed potatoes – pumpkin pie is okay6. Hubby, kid, MIL, SIL

  4. 1) I usually have a little of both, but I prefer dark meat (white is too dry).2) Tons and tons of gravy. I have actually never liked my mom's and loved MIL's, but she is pulling shenanigans again so I don't know if we will get any. 3) My mom's STUFFING is amazing and makes up for her crappy gravy. I think she makes it with white bread croutons. SO GOOD.4) No, but my aunt makes a cranberry jello dish that's delicious. It's full of grapes and nuts and rainbows.5) Stuffing for sure. Preferably cold the next day. Most of my post-thanksgiving memories involve me standing in front of the fridge, dipping a chunk of stuffing into gravy and cramming it in my face before my mom could catch me.6) Undecided, but probably splitting the day between my family (hosted at my parents, 30 ppl) and my hubs dad's family (hosted at FIL's, another 30 ppl), then MIL's on saturday if she gets her act together. I'm exhausted already.

  5. 1. I don't eat turkey. Which is okay because there is always chicken at our Thanksgivings. We're southern if you recall.2.No gravy. I only like white gravy and that brown gravy is usually all that is on our table.3.Stuffin'. Cornbread (only I don't eat it) (Am very picky)(Obviously)4.Ewww no (re: picky)5.This is going to be so weird. Mississippi Mud Cake. My MIL makes it every Thanksgiving and I look forward to it all year. It's become a tradition.6.My husband's family (There are LOTS) on Thursday and my fmaily is Friday night (not as many of them). Although my family always goes out to eat, at a catfish rest. because we are weird and non traditional)I love your little owl thing by your name…so cute!

  6. 1. White meat. Mmm, I brine my turkey. Do you brine your turkeys?2. Yes to the gravy. Please and thank you.3. I call it dresssing, but I thing my yankee family calls it stuffing, even though no one really stuffs it anymore. We have two kinds. Cornbread for the southerners and a white doctored up stovetop kind. Both are good.4. Yes. My husband loves this so much, we buy it year round and he eats it out of the can with a spoon. *Hork* I prefer the kind you actually make with cranberries.5. Cornbread dressing with cranberry sauce. Hold me. Also, orange jello for dessert. 6. My grandparents, my folks, my family. 🙂


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