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Questions for Saturday

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This is the last Saturday of NaBloPoMo. Will the questions continue? I do not know!

So, Thanksgiving is over. Let’s move on. But first:

Did you do any Black Friday shopping?
If so, what did you score?

And also:

Will you be decorating for Christmas this weekend?
Are you in Full Blown Christmas Mode yet?

Our plan is to go and get our tree today or tomorrow. I’ll have to get back to you on whether or not that pans out.

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  1. I went shopping Thursday night at WM. I scored Boo's Christmas present, a kitchen set and accessories for 50 bucks (regular 75). I'm pretty stoked about it.We put our decorations up several weeks ago. All that is left is the outside stuff that we won't do for a few more weeks (It's hard for me to see Christmas lights in the yard when it's still 70 degrees outside).

  2. I got some stuff I had been eying at an etsy shop whose blog I read for my hypothetical beach chic bedroom. Also a present for the piano teacher. Went to Kohls yesterday and got Honey 5 "funny t-shirts" which he loves, for $6 a piece and some video games for $15-$20. Also bought a Christmas tree skirt (Jelly got silly putty on mine last year…) and a few things to convert my regular advent calendar into the Christmas tree kind Catherine Newman talked about on her blog this week. So yeah, pretty thrilled. 🙂 I would like to say I am in full blown Christmas mode, but I haven't figured out cards yet. It is irking me. Not sure what I will do. I have outfits picked out to go take pictures, but haven't made an appointment for pictures. And it is conference time. I need to get on it. But the inside of the house is decorated! Outside is next, we just need some extension cords. Sorry about the novel. 🙂

  3. No shopping yet, still recovering from the family illness followed by family lice infestation followed by visit to in-laws that featured family drama I can't even blog about because I'd be disowned by my in-laws for sure. Too bad, really. It would have made a good blog post.


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