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Monday Bullets

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Oh! I feel so behind on everything! I have been up to my eyeballs with finishing my long term work project, consigning, kids activities, Zumba and PTA stuff. So of course, I’m going to do some bullets.

• I have a brand new job (same company) that I didn’t apply for. I’d really like to get in to how I feel about this and some other things, but you know…the internet. Anyone want a long ranty email from me? There’s only so much Hub can put up with. The bottom line is that I am happy to have a job. I am happy that I seem to be a jack of all trades and can adapt wherever I am placed. I’m just generally not thrilled about not having a choice.
• My big consignment sale was this past weekend and I did the best I’ve ever done. To be fair, they are the people I blog for, and I’ve done some other things for them, so I made a higher %, but still. I came home with 4 items out of 140 and I made over $500. Just by selling my kids’ clothes, many of which I’ve bought second hand. WIN!
• We are in a spot right now where we are going going going all the time. It is rough, man. On Saturday we had my niece and the boy from across the street with us. For a while I was driving 5 kids around with me. It was INSANE. I left at 9:30, dropped the boys at TKD, took the girls to gymnastics, picked up the boys, went to hockey and then out to the sale where Hub had a vendor table set up for his business.
• Although I’ve only lost about 12lbs since January, my clothes are falling off of me. Yesterday I wore my favorite stretch jean capris, and they are too big. I tried to take a picture but our only semi-full length mirror has horrible lighting. But it would appear that I once again have a waistline and hips. Hub asked me if I was sucking my stomach in and I was not! Granted there is still much fat on my body, but actually being able to see results keeps me motivated and makes me VERY happy.
• Well. Maybe I didn’t need bullets because it appears that was all I had to say!!

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  1. I would love a long ranty email. 🙂 And so so proud of you for the 12 lbs! That is really awesome, you know. Also, you make me want to sell some of our stuff instead of just chucking it. Alas: Time.

  2. Wow! Yay on 12 lbs and on the consignment money! I've never made more than $100 when I do one.

  3. The consignment money and the 12 lbs are both so awesome! Nothing like the feeling of pants being too big on you.

  4. congrats on the 12 lbs, and way to go on the $500! I wish I had those opportunities.. instead I just donated it or gave it all away, still have some left.

  5. Holy wow to both the weight loss and consignment money!

  6. (Sorry I'm late to the party, but, you know, NEW CLINGY BABY.)Rant away!And congrats on the 12 pounds! Keep it up!


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