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The gags have kicked it in to high gear today.  Coupled with hot flashes.  I really don’t feel well.  But!  Having you all know now, and all of the kind things you said yesterday really do help.  This is why being a blogger is a fantastic thing.  I don’t think I could get this much love and support anywhere else.  While it’s really hard to think about nothing but baby, I don’t plan on becoming All Baby All the Time in my posts and my tweets, but it is nice to be able to vent about the absolute shit that is constant nausea AND the new development of hot flashes.  Nice indeed.


Anyway… this happened this weekend:


Hannah turned 4 on Sunday.  My baby. 4! This is one of her favorite pictures.  She is obsessed with having been in my belly.




She had a really good birthday, which included a trip to the park, dinner at Pizza Hut (GAG), cake at home, and more Squinkies and My Little Pony than a girl could ever want.  She was pleased.  And now we move on to planning the big birthday bash which happens in less than 2 weeks. I don’t know if I’m going to make it through all of that cooking, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it, I suppose.

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  1. Hot flashes?! Geez. No bueno on that.

    And a happy birthday to your sweet girl. 4 is fabulous (or so Ezra tells me).

  2. Damn Squinkies and their tiny selves.

    Still can’t believe that baby is 4. Guess it’s a good thing we have Rita coming along to spoil rotten.

  3. I just saw your last post… squee! I am so excited for you! And having no one else in diapers, needing their face and hands constantly wiped, throwing fits while you’re nursing, etc will be so lovely. You can really enjoy your last little bebe! (Ha ha, yes, you DO detect a hint of jealousy from me here in toddler land!)
    I’m sorry you’re feeling crappy already.


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