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Friday Free for All

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  • Oswald isn’t going to make it much longer.  He took a turn for the worse yesterday and is sick, lethargic and generally not himself.  He won’t eat, and peed in Cait’s bedroom today.  We know it is time, so we’re going to give him the weekend, just on the off chance that he does perk up, and the plan is to take him in on Monday to be put down.  I’m going to miss my little snuggler.
  • My nausea has been worse than I’ve ever experienced.  This morning I did not drink any coffee, and have had a significant decrease in symptoms.  Still nauseous, mind you, but not gripping the toilet.
  • Speaking of nausea, it sort of goes like this: get so hungry I could pass out, eat, and then gag for about 3 hours until I am starving again, and repeat. It’s as fun as it sounds. I do remember it being just like this with Hannah though.
  • I’ve been reading some of my archives from when I was newly pregnant the last time.  I was like a psychopath.  Ed says I am mouthy when I’m pregnant.  This is probably true.  I also claimed to be “more nauseous than I’ve ever been” back then too.  So maybe I’m just one big drama queen.  I also mentioned coffee making me nauseous.  I guess you really do forget everything. Granted, it was nearly 5 years ago.  (Really though, this is the worst. Ever.)
  • You may not believe it, but I am trying really hard not to be complainy and whiny.  This is 100% for sure the last time I am doing this, so I feel like I should enjoy it a tiny bit.  Not the gagging necessarily, but the general experience.  Anyway, you can totally tell me to shut up when I’m whining.
  • I am finally going to see my niece this weekend! She’s coming for a sleepover tomorrow!  Yay!

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  1. You can whine all you want. I remember feeling nauseous/hungry all the time with Z. No fun. I’m not a coffee drinker, but that’s how my mom found out she was pregnant with me. She couldn’t drink or smell coffee, and the ladies she worked with told her she must be pregnant. She was.

  2. So sorry about your Oz. 😦 It’s so hard! ((hug)) I do hope the morning sickness isn’t too long lasting!

  3. I’m so sorry about Oswald. Also about morning sickness, which has made me wish to die more than once. One of my friends summed it up by saying she wished an anvil would fall on her head.

  4. Oh Oswald. Little kitty. 😦

  5. Complain away, my love! We’ve been there. We KNOW. It is miserable. But you do get a prize at the end, which is more than can be said for most miserable experiences.


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