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Quick Bits, Including Questions

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I have lots of small things on my mind, so it’s definite;y time for bullets.

  • We are having our lawn regraded and reseeded within the next week.  In the short term it’s going to suck because the kids and the dog won’t be allowed on the lawn for 2 weeks, but I am looking forward to even terrain and lush grass this summer. Our yard has been a mess because of the remodeling we’ve done over the last 2 years.  I’m sure the neighbors will be happy that the yard doesn’t look like a bunch of hillbillies live here too.
  • We have broken 3 scales in the last month. THREE. Not for any good reason either; they just randomly stop working. Our last one lasted like 8 years, so I don’t know what the deal is. Tell me, do you have a good scale? I need to know what to buy that is going to last because I’m going nuts.
  • Does anyone ever win the jackpot on the prize wheel in Candy Crush? I land on it frequently only to be bumped off. I think it’s a racket.
  • SPEAKING of rackets, I am so irritated with Cait’s dance company. First, we get a note home that dress rehearsal is at 4pm on Thursday, so I’m annoyed becuase my kids don’t even get home until 4, so I have to pull them out at like, 2:30 to have Cait in costume and ready to go to be at the venue (30 minutes from here) by 4pm. THEN! Yesterday they called and told me that I never paid for my rehearsal tickets, and that I needed them to get in the door for dress rehearsal tomorrow. I’m sorry, but what the actual fuck? I pay $50/month all year, whatever the costume cost, $15 per ticket for the recital itself, and now I have to pay for her to rehearse? I’m beyond livid! She’s not doing it again next year.
  • She’ll be cheerleading anyway. So will Hannah. The season including competition goes through November, so we are saying No to dance.  Eff that noise. Eddie is playing football too.  I have Feelings about this, but he has begged since he was little, and I’ve never seen him be so passionate about anything before. I’m super nervous about injuries and such. He’s a tough kid, but he isn’t invincible. I wish he was content to keep playing flag, but he’s not. And i know, we’re the parents and blah blah blah, but I have issues with not being allowed to do anything I wanted to do in my childhood (I had no extracurriculars until I was old enough to get myself there and back) and, well…anyway. He’s doing it.
  • Um, are you guys watching Fargo? We are and we are LOVING it. Two of the main characters are named Molly and Gus, so that’s fun too. It is so good though, and Billy Bob Thornton is fantastic.  Watch it if you aren’t already.
  • I had a super weird dream last night that Mike Rowe really liked a piece I wrote on my blog and shared it on Facebook. He was going to try and get me a deal with a publisher. I was super nervous that because of him, my mother would find my blog, so I declined and went to work as a secretary for one of Howard Stern’s assistants. It was weird, and given that I barely slept since Molly is sick and refuses to sleep, I think my brain must be going haywire.
  • I will update on my other blog probably tomorrow, but my program is going pretty well. I’m down about 13lbs overall which is pretty good for 3 weeks, I think. Of course Ed is down 25. Don’t worry, I haven’t murdered him. Yet.
  • I got new glasses to wear all the time instead of just for reading, and I’m still getting used actually wearing them. I definitely notice when I don’t have them on though. Getting old is a real bitch.

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  1. I will reply with bullets because I’m also very tired and sentences are hard.

    — I have won the Candy Crush jackpot twice and Leo has done so once.

    — You need to BUY dress rehearsal tickets as the parent of one of the performers? That’s ridiculous.

    — Getting old is indeed a real bitch. Fist bump of solidarity, sister.

  2. My scale told me I lost 9 lbs this morning. So I’m pretty sure it’s broken too (it’s not physically possible) but I’ll just check again tomorrow morning.

  3. I have never, never, never won the Candy Crush jackpot, and I play that effer DAILY.

    Paying for dress rehearsal TICKETS is KER-RAZY. There is no such thing. They should feel lucky to have people willing to be the dress-rehearsal audience. …And I would talk tough like that, and then I would pay for the GD tickets without saying anything, and then I would stew over it for years. YEARS.

    The key to co-dieting with a male spouse is to mentally divide their losses by ten. TEN. So he has lost 2.5 pounds, and you have lost 13. Alternately, he can Not Tell what he’s lost. That might be even better.

    I have the scale Jess Loolu recommended, which is a Newline. I’ve had it for a number of years and still really like it. I tried to find a link online but they may have updated their design. But that’s GOOD, because the one thing I DON’T like about it is that the platform is CLEAR and you can see dirt/dust that gets trapped on the underside of the scale in places you CAN’T GET TO.

  4. I do not have a password to read your latest. Shall I email you? Love, Paprika xx

  5. Did I miss the part where you went password protected? and I think I lost the link to the other blog….I fail


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