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Here’s something I don’t even believe- I have been to the gym 3 times this week. !! 3 TIMES !! I’ve actually gotten up and have gone at 5:30 AM, right when they open. This way, I’m not sacrificing my time with the kids in the evening, since they’re still sleeping. The funny thing is, I actually like it. I’m not just showing up, doing a few things, and then leaving like I did in the past. It’s like I actually have something that is mine-my own piece of time. This is going to be good.

In other news, Eddie’s 3rd birthday was Sunday. Where the time has gone I don’t know, because I swear he was just my 10lb 2oz roly poly newborn. Any now, he’s this three plus foot tall walking, conversation holding person. His obsession lately has been the school bus, and what’s going to happen when he goes to “big boy school”. (This of course is 2.5 years away) “And the bus will come to my house, and I will get one it then the bus driver will take me to the big boy school and then I will walk in to school and then later I will get back on the bus and the bus driver will take me home and then I get to go back tomorrow. Right Mommy? Riiiiight??” He makes my head spin. He’s also watched the same Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode twice a day every day for the past 2 weeks. He thinks it hysterical because it’s called “Goofy on Mars” and he purposely says “Goofy on Yarjs” and laughs hysterically when we correct him. He’s a weird kid.

Caitlyn is nearing 18 months old and has actually been in her terrible 2’s since she turned one. If you even look at her the wrong way, she loses it. She wants what she wants, when she wants it and you’d better not get in her way. When she does get her way, she is the sweetest happiest little girl you could ever imagine. She talks as well as Eddie did at her age and loves to sing and dance, play with her tea set, jump in Eddie’s bed (which she can now climb in and out of by herself) and zoom Eddie’s cars. Unfortunately though, she did have a small bout of the barfing flu yesterday, but was fine today. I knew she was sick when she sat still and actually let me hold her. It’s a rare occurrence, let me tell you. So, she threw up once in her crib, and then slept for the rest of the night with no issues. She was absolutely fine this morning, thank goodness. I was told yesterday that they plan on moving her in to the toddler room at daycare next month, since she is so verbal and already eats with a spoon. I know that she’s smart, but she’s just so little still. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Not a whole lot more to report today. I’m starving, so I’m going to eat my Lean Cuisine and get back to work. I’m hoping to post Christmas and birthday pictures this weekend, as well as pictures of our trip to the children’s museum on New Years Day.

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