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I have to tell you honestly, my kids are driving me crazy. I mean 100% insane. If it’s not one it’s the other, but usually they team up.

Caitlyn has been a walking temper tantrum since we were at the dr. on Tuesday. I don’t know if she’s still feeling ill from the shot (she had the chicken pox one, and I know that one can get sore), or if it’s the molars, or what. If she’s not screaming “No! Mine!” and snatching something from you in a fit of rage, she’s crying hysterically “Wa Wa Mommy” (I want Mommy, which is the phrase Eddie uses every time he cries) with gigantic crocodile tears—like the world is ending. I think I could take it if something was really wrong, but ridiculous things set her off—dropping her juice cup, me breaking a cookie in half rather than giving her a whole, her blanket being on the love seat (where she can actually get it), or not being able to brush her own teeth. She’s taking me over the edge.

And then there’s her brother……

Eddie is good all day at day care. I hear about how great he is every day, great listener, great eater, very happy. He changes 100% as soon as I walk in to his room to pick him up for the day. He refuses to put his coat on, pulls his shoes off, jumps up on the table, spills out bins of toys…you name it. I’ll admit that some days he’ll give me a hug first, but then it’s always the same. I end up having to yell at him or threaten him before we even go over to get Caitlyn. Yesterday, he ran out of daycare in to the Business Park, and right out the door all the way to the car. What am I supposed to do? I had to carry Caitlyn and run after him like a crazy person. So I ask him ”do you like it when Mommy is mad? Do you like it when Mommy hollers at you?” The answer to both is no. I’ll admit, once we get home he’s good, and happy. Shows me his good manners. Everything is good until bedtime and then the shit hits the fan. He’s up and out of bed, and needs water and this and that and everything under the sun. Needs to sit on the couch for a few minutes. He’s never asleep before 9:00 and usually it’s even 9:30.

I don’t know. I’m writing this and I hate how it sounds. I have the 2 greatest kids on the planet, not a couple of hellions. I guess I just wish that the evening was sunshine and roses, you know, we snuggle on the couch and have a snack and laugh and sing. I guess it doesn’t work that way. I know it will be better, that this is just a certain block of time in their childhood, and that we definitely have more good times than bad, but right now it’s never-ending.

I also want to mention that going to the dr. on Tuesday made Eddie so nervous that he pooped 2 times while we were waiting, and then threw up all over the exam table while the dr. examined him. Who knew he had a nervous stomach?

Ok, I promise to share happy stories tomorrow. Tonight will be a good night.

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  1. Hey, it sounds like a perfectly normal family to me, but I know what you mean. And thank you for writing so honestly about it. I just wrote a really bitchy post and it looks so sad and petty there on the screen in front of me. But I’m human, right? I have these feelings, and I’m entitled to them. And yes, my son has me pulling my hair out at times too. It’s better now that he’s older (5) and in school (2 days a week and every other Monday). But still…

  2. don’t sell yourself short. motherhood is not an easy job. i watch you, i see, and i am proud. remember that on your craziest days.


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