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Ok, I promised a happy entry for today.

Last week at daycare, they told me that Caitlyn would start visiting the 18-month to 2-years room this week because she is ready. She speaks more than an average 18-month-old etc. When I dropped her off this morning, her teacher told me that today would be the day, and to drop her off next door.

Although Eddie is in the 2-3-year old room, his class begins their day with the younger kids until more teachers arrive, so I got to drop them both off in the same room. If you could have seen how excited Eddie was to have his sister in there with him you’d have choked up. I definitely did.

He put his arm around her when she got a little bit uncomfortable, being in an unfamiliar room.

“You wanna have some breakfast with me Cate?” he asked her, and pulled out a chair for her and then himself.

“EAT!” she yelled and sat down with him. She was a big girl eating at the table, rather than in a high chair. She was a big girl eating with her big brother.

I got to watch Eddie be a proud big brother and a concerned big brother today.

I am a proud Mommy today.

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  1. Oh, that is so sweet. When I hear stories like that it makes me feel bad that my son will never have a younger sibling to take under his wing. On the up side, he did get a “student of the week” award at school last week! I too, was a proud mama. Where is that picture taken? It looks so charming. OK, don’t answer that, better not to identify places your children frequent – just my paranoia…

  2. Day two of big-girl day care? How’d it go?

  3. I only got one comment… “man, she sure can eat…”Caitlyn is the tiniest thing you could imagine, but she never stops eating. ha!


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