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Call Me Cake

I was in Eddie and Caitlyn’s room last night, covering Caitlyn one last time before bed. Eddie sat up and pretended to roll down the window on his race car bed. He proceeded to do a dead on impression of me:

“Hi- can I have a large coffee, black, please? And FOUR chocolate doughnuts?”

I don’t order chocolate doughnuts, that must have been a wish, but his impression was hysterical.

I feel bad because I’m constantly writing about how funny Eddie is and never have much to say about Cait. She really is fun at this age. I don’t know why, but I don’t remember Eddie being this fun at her age. Maybe it’s because I was 27 months pregnant with Caitlyn when he was 20 months old. Actually, I suppose she was born already when he was her age. Anyway, she really is fun. The only way I can get her to do anything is to tell her not to do it, or that I am going to do it first. Any time we arrive at a destination, regardless of where, she sings “ hone !!” which means, home. When she hands me something, she say “here Mommy”, but here sounds like “hee ooo” and the very best thing, other than her soft kisses, that she gives you first on the lips and then one on each cheek for good measure, is that one day last week I asked her what her name was. She was being silly, and instead of saying “Cait”, which is what she calls herself, she said “cake”. Eddie laughed hysterically and that made her laugh hysterically. Now, any time you ask her what her name is, she says “CAKE!” and laughs. Who knew that a 20-month-old could make jokes?

We’re looking forward to Easter although we’ll be busy between our parents. Busy is good though.

To anyone who reads this- I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family!!

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  1. Back atcha! Happy Easter to Eddie & “Cake”, which I think is a terrific nick-name. You should keep it. Kind of like “babycakes”.

  2. I love your stories. Both your kids are hilarious! Hehe. Hope you have a great Easter!!

  3. I love reading your stories too!! hehe. the kids sound like an absolute riot! 😀 have a wonderful Easter! 🙂


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