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Easter was……well, it just was I suppose. An enjoyable day that began at 7am and ended at 10pm with nonstop candy and no naps. And all I can say is “It was.”

I mean it when I say the day started at 7:00 am. Luckily I got up at about 6:45 and put Eddie’s basket back under the table where I caught the cat licking all of the plastic before we went to bed on Saturday. Eddie could hardly contain himself as he waited at the gate for Ed to get out of bed. I distracted him by making him take his pull up off and go pee so that Ed could at least get dressed. As soon as the gate was down, he ran in to the living room to look for his basket.

We probably could have put it in the middle of the room and he wouldn’t have seen it. He’s horrible at looking for things. We told him to tell Cait to look near the play kitchen for her basket, and he immediately found it and got it down for her. She was pleased. The next 15 minutes felt like 15 hours. He was just walking around, looking in odd places. Ed and I asked questions like “What’s something it could be under??” And laughed as he looked under the couch with its generous half inch of room underneath. He did eventually find the basket under his table, and laughed hysterically as he pulled out the treats inside.

“WOOO HOO Spiderman BUBBLES!!!!! Is this fire truck made of CHOCOLATE?? A SPONGEBOB MAGAZINE???? Is this a cookie sucker on a stick??” He was enamored.

Caitlyn loved her Dora coloring book, but was more interested in the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bunny Sucker that I bought from work. The thing was as big as my hand and she devoured it in, oh, less than 10 min.

The kids combined all of their chocolate eggs in to one basket (ha, don’t put all your eggs in one basket….) and disappeared. They hid them all over their bedroom. Even after I went and collected them from the crevices of Eddie’s racecar bed, they were still coming out with eggs in their mouths. I’m not sure where they were, but I’m pretty sure they’re gone now.

Ed and I ate breakfast (the kids refused) and cleaned up the living room so he could clean the carpets. I got the kids ready for my mom’s house while he did that, and we were on the road by 11:30 and at my mom’s by noon. The candy consumption continued with Eddie devouring half a box of chocolate tools and whatever else he could get his hands on. Caitlyn peeled foiled eggs and popped them in her mouth like a pro. She at least ate some ham and potatoes but Eddie refused.

Lunch was great. My brothers were there, there was good food and good wine. Very enjoyable. I did debate with my mother over immigration issues and speaking English in America and having to press a button for English in an automated system. I argued that this is America and the land of opportunity. She argued that in America you should speak English. The greatest moment of the day was when she asked me if I wanted some “platczek” or coffee cake in Polish. I told her to speak English since we’re in America and we all had a really great laugh. Ed told me he was going to sleep with one eye open because I have some balls he was unaware of. It was really all in good fun though.

We left there to go home and cook dinner for Ed’s parents. Since he had cleaned the carpet, Ed decided to rearrange the furniture while I cooked, and hook up the digital cable. Somehow, he ended up breaking the TV, which is old to begin with, but we had to put the regular cable back on and now we have a horrible picture. Time for a new TV. Dinner was great though, my ham was clove-y and delicious and my German chocolate pie was also GREAT. Caitlyn had a sugar induced meltdown and I finally got Eddie to eat a roll and butter. We were in bed by 10.

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  1. Oh my gosh! We had the exact same “speaking English in America” conversation on Easter, only it was my neice, my Dad and me. You can’t win an argument withn Dad, so we just dropped it. Love the pictures!

  2. what a great day we had! I love it when we all laugh!!


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