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Mother’s Day

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I had such a great Mother’s Day.

It started at 5:30 AM with Eddie peeing the bed, but after that it was great. The kids slept until about 7:30, and I got up to get them settled and Ed let me go back to sleep. I had every intention of getting up by 8:30, but the next thing I knew it was 10:00. I went out in to the living room, and I heard Eddie and Caitlyn in FIL’s room, so I went to check things out. Eddie told me “Daddy went to get you breakfast! I’m going to help him cook it! And Cait can make the coffee!” I let them keep playing and I laid on the couch and watched TV for a while. Truthfully, my head was killing me from sleeping so long.

Ed was home soon with a big café mocha from Starbuck’s for me, and food that I wasn’t allowed to see from the grocery store (Food too? You had me at Starbucks!). Soon he had Caitlyn come in with a card for me, and then right after that, Eddie brought me a HUGE frosted pastry heart. I started to smell garlic and onions in the kitchen and I dove right in to this incredibly fattening pre-breakfast snack. Ed cooked me eggs like I like them (really runny), bacon, toast and wonderful hash browns with onions. It was so good; I could have eaten 6 eggs.

Caitlyn took a quick nap and before we knew it we were on our way to meet my parents at “A Day Out with Thomas”. We spent the day there just doing little things, and eating… thing I ate-a root beer float—mmmm. Caitlyn rode a horse and she was so darn cute. (Eddie refused) We nearly missed our train, but did get on in the end, had our ride and headed home.

Ed and I picked up a salad and garlic bread on the way home and we were in for the night by 7:00. It was a good dinner, even though Caitlyn ate all of the good stuff out of my salad and Eddie ate all of the garlic bread.

A perfect Mother’s Day indeed.

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  1. That does sound pretty perfect *sigh*Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. What a fantastic sounding day! Your husband sounds like a real stand up guy. He should give lessons on Mother’s Day behavior! Wonder if there is any money in that…


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