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Who knew that I would get old so quickly? I have prided myself on perfect vision my entire life, but over the last few months, I’ve noticed my computer screen becoming a little bit blurry after I’ve been at work for a while. Then it was hard to read the paper. Now my screen is constantly blurry. I sucked it up and went to the eye doctor today, and sure enough, I need glasses. Just for reading and computer work, but I need glasses. I think the dr. could sense that I was upset by this because he said, “Really, you have good vision, really you do! You have great distance vision! And very healthy eyes in general.” I’m sure that it’s all down hill from here and that I’ll need bifocals by the time I’m 35.

It was fun picking out frames though. I tried on a bunch and hated a lot, then liked a few until the girl found THE PERFECT FRAMES. I tried them on and loved them…..until I found out that after the $130 my insurance covers, they would still cost me $160. Not necessary for glasses I will only wear sporadically. So, I settled for a pair of plain brown frames that I didn’t have to pay anything for. I should have them next week.

Speaking of next week, I will be taking my very first ever plane ride on Wednesday morning. I’m terrified. I got an email this morning that said I was more likely to be killed by a donkey than to die in a plane crash, but I’m still scared. I’m sure I’ll be fine. Millions of people fly every day, but when you’ve never done something before….I don’t know, fear of the unknown? I’m sure that my plane won’t fall from the sky, and that if I am meant to die in a plane crash, it will happen whether or not I ever board a plane. I just wish that I could drive to NC.

Not much else is going on. Ed’s cousin, who has a son about 2 years older than Eddie and a daughter who is 3 dropped off a few bags of clothes for the kids the other day, and they were just the right sizes, some 4T tees and pants for Eddie and tons of size 24 month clothes for Cait. I had just gone through a bunch of Eddie’s old clothes to see what Caitlyn could possibly wear this summer, and these came at a good time. How is it that I spent $300 on summer clothes for them and it’s still not enough? I think we’re pretty well set now, but I have to remind myself to ask Ed’s cousin how she keeps her kid’s clothes so immaculate looking. You would never know that these have been worn before.

The weather is very grey and rainy today, and the kid’s moods matched. Caitlyn was insistent that she was coloring and painting this morning, just as we were walking out the door and she threw a huge temper tantrum and dragged Eddie right down with her. How does the almost 2-year-old convince the 3-year-old that it’s ok to paint and color when it’s time to leave? That girl, I’m telling you. She’s darn lucky I love her so much because she even walks with an attitude. On the way in to daycare this morning, with her hat off to the side, and her sunglasses on (though it was raining), her new sneakers and her walk with ‘tude, she was told “Wow, you’re going to be quite the sista when you get older.” This I know is true.

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  1. I used to get those kind of hand-me-downs too, but once we were through with them, they were pretty much done. I’m going to put a post of flying tips (in honor of your first flight) on my blog this week!


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