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100 Facts About ME

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1. I met my husband on the school bus when I was in 7th grade.
2. I hated his guts.
3. I complained to him about my boyfriend who was a jerk for most of my sophomore year in high school.
4. He and I began dating that summer.
5. Even though we were very young, we kind of knew we were it for each other.
6. This August will mark 12 years of togetherness for us.
7. I have loved to sing for my entire life.
8. I consider myself to be quite good.
9. It kills me that I’m not doing anything musical right now.
10. I pretended to wear glasses in 7th grade and bought a fake pair at Claire’s
11. Until Lenny Carpenter tripped me and stomped on them because he thought it was funny.
12. My 7th grade boyfriend told me he loved me in front of my father.
13. It was maybe the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to me.
14. Until while in the mall one day my dad told Bobby Stutz that while we looked a lot alike, my moustache was thicker.
15. I have had the same best friend since I was 11 years old.
16. I consider her my sister.
17. I don’t actually have a sister.
18. But I always wanted one.
19. I have 2 great brothers.
20. As families go, mine actually gets along very well.
21. I always knew that I wanted to have children.
22. My kids are by far the greatest people in the world.
23. It never occurred to me that it would be a challenge to be a mom.
24. It’s the good kind of challenge though.
25. I don’t think before I speak.
26. I have a tendency to get in trouble.
27. I have a very dry sense of humor.
28. This is the very best gift my father could have given me.
29. I get told all the time that I am just like my father.
30. This for the most part is a compliment.
31. I wish that I wasn’t so passive though.
32. My brother Matt and I can have an entire conversation quoting obscure TV and Movie lines.
33. And it makes total sense
34. And never gets old.
35. I am a hardcore coffee drinker.
36. And I would fight you for a Donut
37. —-or anything sweet for that matter.
38. I am very passionate about cake
39. I have no idea how to apply make up
40. or do anything with my hair
41. I can’t paint my fingernails.
42. I love to bowl.
43. I’m decent at it.
44. I was the first of any of my girlfriends to have a baby.
45. I was also the second of any of my girlfriends to have a baby.
46. I craved and consumed Twinkies and root beer for my entire first pregnancy.
47. I’m convinced that this is what makes Eddie a sweet-a-holic.
48. I ate fruits and veggies my entire second pregnancy.
49. I also consumed a lot of caffeine.
50. I’m convinced this is why Caitlyn loves fruits and veggies, and has a spastic tendency.
51. I had mixed feelings about going back to work after I had kids.
52. I know now that I don’t have it in me to be a stay at home mom.
53. I’m actually kind of important at work.
54. I spend too much time on the computer.
55. I am addicted to MySpace.
56. My favorite color is pink.
57. But it was green before I had a little girl to enjoy it with.
58. I love playing at the park with my kids.
59. I go down all of the slides.
60. I get paranoid about weird crap all the time.
61. Like- did I forget to drop one of the kids off at school today?
62. Or what if a bat squeezes in that teeny tiny hole in my screen and gives me rabies.
63. Or what if I already have rabies and don’t know it.
64. I could be a ticking time bomb.
65. My desk at work is covered with pictures of my kids as well as their artwork.
66. I can often be found staring at them and smiling.
67. I had a really hard time bonding with Caitlyn after she was born because she was in the NICU away from me.
68. I wouldn’t even get up to go feed her while we were in the hospital.
69. I spent 3 days alone with her in the hospital when she was one month old because they thought she had meningitis.
70. As much as it sucked, we finally got our time together.
71. I believe that God works in mysterious ways.
72. I worry about Caitlyn a lot more than I do about Eddie.
73. But I definitely favor Eddie when it comes to mommy time.
74. I favor both of my children over my husband.
75. This is something that causes conflict in my marriage.
76. I have a bit of a shoe problem.
77. I love to get pedicures.
78. I have a lot of grey hair.
79. This surprises me because neither of my parents went grey this early on.
80. I LOATHE it.
81. I have a really hard time keeping my house clean.
82. I have hated housework my entire life.
83. I would rather scrub a strange toilet with no gloves then fold laundry.
84. Especially socks and underwear.
85. I can’t sleep with socks on, even in the dead of winter.
86. I love going barefoot in the summer.
87. I tell everyone that my cats are “my first born”
88. I know this seems weird and I don’t really care.
89. I love Howard Stern and his show.
90. Guys I meet think this is really cool.
91. Girls think I’m weird.
92. Even as a child I got along better with guys than I did with girls.
93. I’m not thrilled about turning 29 in October.
94. I’m even less thrilled about being 30 next year.
95. But I can’t wait to PARTY.
96. It’s taken me 2 hours to do this list.
97. And yes, I’m at work.
98. If I ever had another daughter, I’d love to call her Olivia.
99. Because of my last name though, this would make me a cruel parent.
100. I have a hard time taking myself away from being Mommy and doing something just for me.

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