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Ugh. Cait was up throwing up again last night. I can’t put my finger on what could be causing it, because it happened last year around this time too, where she was fine, and then was up in the middle of the night throwing up once or twice a week for like 3 weeks in a row. I’ve decided that it’s either the heat; maybe it doesn’t agree with her, or it’s the teething—she’s getting molars. Or perhaps it’s a combo of both. Whatever it is, I do know that cleaning broccoli chunks off of my floor in the middle of the night is sure not fun(hey, at least she eats broccoli). She is getting quite good at leaning over the toilet though. She even stops when she’s not sick and spits in there….

During all of this Eddie slept just fine, but once Cait and I settled in on the couch, he was up crying, telling me he needed his kitty.

“What kitty?”, I asked.

“Sebastian.” He’s sobbing

“What do you mean honey?”

“Sebastian is in the street”, he cried, “He’s going to get runned over.”

This may have been his first bad dream. When I showed him that Sebastian was lying right on the living room floor, he was very confused. He kept asking me “but why??”. Even this morning he was asking about him being outside in the street.

Caitlyn was fine this morning, thank goodness. We’ll have to see how tonight goes.

My FIL has been in the hospital with pneumonia since Tuesday. It crept up on him all of the sudden and out of nowhere he couldn’t breathe. Ed stopped home on Tuesday and found him slumped in his chair, pale and clammy and had to rush him to the ER. At first they thought it was heart failure, but after the tests, they determined it was pneumonia. He should be home tomorrow, but it’s going to take him a while to get better.

And finally….the wedding was Saturday and it was a wonderful day. Beautiful weather and everyone had a great time. Here are a few pictures.

Matt and Sarah


Ed and Me

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