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I know I say this a lot, but I am just so darn tired.

We spent Father’s Day weekend putting a new floor in to our kitchen (well Ed did the floor and I cleaned out our whole bedroom and closet….I threw everything out because I’m sick of dealing with it). This was not planned at all, completely spur of the moment. Since then I’ve been hell bent on keeping the kitchen clean and uncluttered. I spent last night doing the dishes that wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher on Sunday as well as yesterday’s dishes, trying really hard not to shoot my father-in-law the evil eye for not helping. (Like what is wrong with you anyway, so what if you have pneumonia and are on OXYGEN….you could still do the dishes…..really, he can’t. He can barely go up and down his stairs. So I held in my selfish side, and sucked it up and did it. ) At least we had a ton of left over pulled pork from Sunday for dinner, so I didn’t cook. (It was even better on day 2)

I used to send the kids’ dinner to school with them since we don’t get home until 6:15 on most days, but it’s gotten to the point where they want to play and they’re not eating it, so I’m wasting food, so I decided to start feeding them at home. It’s working out well so far, but I felt like I was in a rush all last night. They had to eat, wanted to play in the sprinkler (woohoo no baths….), wanted to watch Dora and have a snack (I made home made chocolate chip cookies), and needed to go to bed. Plus I had to clean up the kitchen as well as the living room because Ed is supposed to clean our carpets today, and then I wanted to get everything ready last night for this morning so I could be to work for this crazy 4 day training that goes from 8 to fricken 5 every day….(I got to work at 7:38 this morning, a full hour and a half earlier than I normally get here….yeah the kids loved that). Of course Eddie wouldn’t go to sleep last night, and then both kids were up at 5:45 am (Cait was also up at 1:00 AM). At least I set the coffee pot so I could dump coffee down my throat as soon as I woke up.

So yeah, I’m tired. And I’m hoping it will rain so that I don’t have to take the kids outside tonight, and hoping that the carpets are actually done when I get home. And that nobody has used any dishes.

And that the kids will sleep tonight.

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