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So they guy that’s doing my training totally reminds me of my 3-year-old. Anytime he asks a question, he ends it with “yes or no”, which is exactly what Eddie is in to right now.

“Mommy, do you love me? Yes or no?”

He likes it when I say no, and then he pouts. “That’s not very nice…”

I actually wanted to write about Caitlyn today, who has made leaps and bounds in her verbal skills over the last few weeks. She went from 2 word statements to 3 and four word sentences and stringing thoughts together in what seems like overnight. You can actually carry on a conversation with her and it’s quite hysterical. This of course is a vehicle for her to express her very opinionated self, and while indeed funny, can be quite frustrating.

Over the weekend when I was cleaning my bedroom closet, I pulled out the fish tank we bought and put it in the living room. At one point, Ed caught her trying to climb up on the box. Panicking, because the tank is made of glass, he yelled “HEY!!” and she just lost it. She ran to me crying.

“Mommy…..daddy hollered at me….” (hollered sounds like hah-yerd and is adorable) then she looks at Ed. “No Holler ME DADDY!!!!” this, of course is shrieked.

The she told me yesterday “Daddy hollered at me; he cay-eeer me” I couldn’t figure it out. ”He carried you?”

“No Mommy. Daddy CAY-EEER me. Daddy holler?”

“Daddy what????”


“he scared you??”

I swear that if she knew how to roll her eyes she would have here. “Yeah Mommy.” She toddled away laughing hysterically and talking to her self. “Daddy scared me, daddy hollered at me”

She is tough in her almost two-ness.

And I’m sure there is more to come.

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