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GAAAH. That’s the only word coming to mind right now.

So much I want to say……like the people at work are really pissing me off. And I wanted to say something about how I’ve been blogging for 7 years now, and I thought that I might copy my very first post here, but when I read it……I was an idiot when I was 22. I’m surprised people read what I wrote then; there’s no way they’d want to read it now. And about how after a day long sob fest about how he doesn’t want to go see Robosaurus anymore—we already bought the tickets, Eddie revealed that it was because of the commercial during the super bowl where Robosaurus’ head fell off and also, he eats cars, and might Robosaurus eat his race car bed??? And I don’t know, the fact that I might like to have another baby which is the most insane thing that could ever pop in to my head…hello I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old- but it is all I can think about right now. Plus the fact that I need to get to Old Navy to buy 4th of July shirts before they’re sold out, and somehow I volunteered to work the Saturday of Labor Day weekend which kind of screws my 3-day weekend.

There’s just too much going on, so I offer you this small snapshot of my brain, confusing and mangled, making no sense at all, tired and over processing. No doubt the result of a stressful week.

I’m hoping that tonight, after the kids go to bed, I’ll have some time to sort out my thoughts. Based on the fact that Eddie refuses to go to bed, I’m not holding my breath.

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