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Something that I struggle with in my work life is how to change a mindset; how to embrace change. How do I inspire my team to go in the new direction The Bank is taking? Why can’t they, like me, recognize the need for change and make valiant efforts to do so?

In thinking about it today, I started thinking about myself. Why can I do this at work—recognize the need for change and then just do it, because it needs to be done—but not in my personal life? I’ve read in lots of different places that it takes one month to form a new habit, or to break an old one. A month is a lot of time. How can I do something for a month when I can’t even make it through a day?

Maybe I’m trying to do too much. This month alone I’ve gotten my house in shape, thrown things out, organized, kept up on being tidy. I’ve dusted and scrubbed my floors; I’ve even cleaned my windows. I’ve also started getting my butt out of bed earlier so that I can get to work by 8:00–giving me a full extra hour with the kids in the evening. This is a huge life change, and it’s been two great weeks. I feel proud and accomplished.

Somehow though, I want more, and I don’t think I have the strength to get there.

This is about so much more than the housework.

This is about me.

I need to change me.

July is a new month……and hopefully a new start for me.

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