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Cait bit her friend Brianna. Not once, but twice, first on Monday, and then again yesterday. I guess it was a sharing issue.

So I spoke with the director a bit yesterday and told her that I’m totally not playing the “not my kid…” card but this is not something that is ordinary for Caitlyn, so I’d like to understand the situation a little bit better. She has never bitten her brother, or anyone at home. She’s an aggressive child, yes-she will hit pinch or kick you in a minute, but she is not a biter. So did Brianna possibly do something to provoke her? Did she maybe yank a toy out of her hand? Nobody knew. They caught it just after it happened, when Brianna screamed. Brianna and Cait are the best of friends, so something must have gotten out of control—but nobody knows.

Maybe I’m missing something, but shouldn’t all eyes be on the two-year-olds? I’m just throwing it out there….

Ed and I don’t treat our kids like babies, and by this I mean that even in their 2 and 3-ness, we try and have rational discussions with them. So I talked with Cait on the way home about biting and how we tell a teacher if something is wrong, and how we have to use our words, rather than biting our friends. At the end I asked her “Why did you bite Brianna?” And she told me “Nana throw sand”.

I believe her.

And I’ll be having a conversation with her teacher when I pick her up this afternoon because while biting is severely unacceptable, throwing sand is also unacceptable. These girls need to be watched more carefully. When I pay $352 a week to send my kids to the best daycare around, I want answers. I want a detailed accounting of what occurred.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

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