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Lick the Buffalo

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Is it ever acceptable to drink at work? If it wasn’t before, I think today might be the day.

Mojitos anyone???

If it weren’t for Swistle, I don’t think I would have made it past noon.

Except now I really want some cookie dough.

At least I can laugh about the customer who called me a scumbag piece of shit.

But I still really hate my job today.

I am actually really excited about going to this glacial park that’s about 2 hours away on Saturday. We’re packing a picnic and heading out early. It’s supposed to be a really cool place, where you can climb on the rocks. There’s a mile long trail through the glacial shelf (or something like that). Eddie is really excited and keeps asking me if we’re going on our picnic today. Yesterday, after school, he said to me “I have a great idea about our picnic Mommy..”

“What is it?”

“Maybe we can have our picnic on the rocks instead of at a picnic table!!”

“That sounds like a great idea. We’ll have to check it out!”

It amazes me that he is such a different kid than he was at this time last year. Last year, when we told him we were going to “The Taste of Buffalo”, he looked at me confused and said “Will we eat the buffalo??” He thought about it for a long time after I told him that we wouldn’t be eating buffalo. “Will we just lick them?”, he asked.

And somehow, remembering that, my day just got better.

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