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Regarding Baby Clothes

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This started out as a comment on Swistle’s Blog, right here, but it got too long. I love talking about baby clothes though, so here it goes.

Oh boy! Baby clothes is one of my favorite subjects! When Eddie was born in the dead of winter, I had no problem just keeping him in the footed sleepers at home. He stayed warm, and I was sure he was warm. When he started daycare I sent him in a new outfit every day. Sometimes he’d go through 3 outfits a day, but he was always fully clothed.

When Cait was born in the dead heat of summer, I kept her in onsies, but I bought the ones with the little skirt around them so she was a bit dressed up. I had the same policy on her leaving the house though, always dressed.

I openly admit that I am neurotic about my children’s appearance and clothing and I know that this is a direct result of not having a lot of clothes, especially the “cool clothes” while I was growing up. I don’t ever want my kids to feel like I did. EVER. So even though it makes no difference to them right now, it makes a huge difference to me.

We tend to get lucky in the hand me down department as both kids have cousins, a brother/sister pair who are about a year older than them, whose grandma shops at high end stores. They get a lot of high quality never worn stuff as well as winter coats and snow pants—a tremendous help. When it comes to buying clothes, I do a lot of Old Navy and Target clearance, plus the Okee Dokee branch at JC Penny and Sears has a play clothes line that is extremely reasonable $5-$6 per piece, pants and shirts. They usually run a 2 for $9 special at season change and that’s where I get a lot. They get plenty of clothes for gifts as well.

Oh, Swistle, by the way—I am the same way with girly clothes, even if I end up having another girl. Cait has way more than she will ever need or wear and I just.can’t.stop.buying…..

And when they’re done with the clothes, they are stored in labeled bankers boxes categorized by gender and size and stored in age order in my basement so that I’ll know right where they are when the time comes.

Neurotic much?

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