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This past weekend took a lot out of all of us.

Friday night we went to the baseball game down town and stayed for the fireworks afterward. The kids had a really good time, but we didn’t get home until after 11PM.

Saturday, we had cake for Cait’s birthday in the afternoon and then later went to the county fair and saw the school bus demolition derby with my MIL. The kids loved it! A few of the busses were painted really well and we rooted for the Spiderman Bus all night long. Our second favorite was the Mickey Mouse Bus that had a Mickey Mouse figure standing on top of it. Unfortunately, after a few hits Mickey fell down which upset Caitlyn quite a bit. Then his head fell off and another bus ran it over which caused her to go in to a fit of hysterics. Ed and I were trying to calm her down telling her it wasn’t the real Mickey and so on when Eddie screams “MICKEY IS DEAD CAIT!!!” and kind of rolled his eyes like “deal with it already”. We couldn’t help but laugh. We aren’t winning any awards for parents of the year, that’s for sure.

We took a lot of photos but I haven’t had the chance to download them yet. We spent the day doing pretty much nothing Sunday and everyone was pretty crabby from lack of sleep.

Yesterday was day one at the new daycare and drop off went well; we spent some time with each of the kids in their new room and they were good. Today, not so much. Eddie was fine, but Caitlyn freaked out. Ed wanted to stay with her until she was calm and I wanted to leave and let her work it out. He stayed, arguing that it was like we were leaving her with strangers, and I left. I see his point and where he is coming from; I do. But I feel like if we baby her she will refuse to get used to it. I know that I’m doing the right thing, but I feel horrible when I leave her.

They really do enjoy the new place so far though. Eddie has a guinea pig named Max in his room and he can bring him home for a weekend if he wants.
(God, please don’t let him want to bring the guinea pig home.) He also enjoyed the hermit crabs in another room. Cait had fun riding tricycles and playing with a little girl named Anna.

I’m still tired from the weekend and from having Eddie in our bed last night, and on top of it, I’m strangely nauseous. I’d really just like to go home to bed, but I have too much to do at work.

Maybe we could start today over……

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