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So let me ask you this? How is it September already? Where, oh where, did the summer go? I certainly have no idea. It seems like just a few days ago I was buying swimsuits and adorable tanks for the kids, and now I’m evaluating their autumn wardrobes to see what can be used and what needs to be bought.

I do love the change back to cooler weather though and not just because it is so beautiful, and the air is so crisp. Not just because the leaves will turn soon, and we’ll go out trolling through Letchworth Park, and picking pumpkins, and going through corn mazes or clearing the abundant heaps of chestnuts from our driveway and yard……or preparing for Halloween. I love all of those things, and autumn is truly my favorite season. When I close my eyes and think about it, I can actually smell the dried leaves and feel the change in the air.

The best thing of all though is fueling my addiction to cataloguing.

I love packing up the children’s clothes and filing them in labeled banker’s boxes. “Caitlyn-Summer 18-24mos” or “Eddie-Summer-4T (and some 3T)” and then packing them on the shelves in our basement. The clothes are categorized by size and gender from newborn on up. And once the old are packed away, I go to the gigantic green Rubbermaid tote, and pull out the new. These are clothes that the children got for Christmas or previous birthdays, that were a size or 2 too big (rather than exchanging them, I pack them away for the next year), or the hand-me-downs from Ed’s cousin and my boss. This year was the first time that I bought on clearance to fill their wardrobes for next year, so as I took the stored fall clothes out; I had new treasures, still with tags on, to add to my collection.

I don’t know why, but I feel such a sense of accomplishment in doing this all. For a brief moment it feels like we are starting fresh, a new season, a new outlook, and of course, new clothes.

Eddie and Caitlyn at Letchworth 2006

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