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So, you know that whole “I have my period and I’m miserable” post from last week? It was a false alarm. I spotted for 2 days and then it was gone. That’s actually kind of par for my cycle, spotting for a few days starting Wednesday, taking a few days off then coming back full force by Sunday. The only thing was that it didn’t come back on Sunday. And still has not come back as of today which is a full week from the spotting.

I’ve taken three pregnancy tests.

The first was negative.
The second had a faint second line.
The third was negative.

I don’t know what the hell is going on, but to say the least I’m still quite miserable. Some sort of delayed PMS perhaps? My boobs sure are killing me though. Regardless of what happens I have my annual with my OBGYN on Tuesday and I’m sure we’ll figure it all out then.

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