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So, still no update from yesterday and I’m probably not going to waste any more money on tests since I’m going to the OBGYN on Tuesday. I’m just going to wait it out. (what this means is that I’ll probably break and buy 8 more tests on my lunch break today….) I’m uneasy because there were 2 negatives and one (sort of) positive. And to answer Swistle’s question, I took the test and waited for about a minute, got bored and left. After about 10/15 minutes I was back in the bathroom and there was the faint second line. All 3 tests came from the same box……maybe they were duds. I don’t know. Ed politely suggested this morning that I should perhaps drink some orange juice or pop a vitamin or something. I’m still waiting it out.

I took the kids to Target yesterday because Eddie outgrew his sneakers overnight, (and purposely didn’t buy any tests because how embarrassing would that be with 2 small children) and for the first time ever Caitlyn threw one holy hell of a temper tantrum. I’m talking red faced, screaming at the top of her lungs trying to tip the shopping cart over angry. I thought about this post. Wasn’t I so high and mighty? Talking it out always works for us, but my angels NEVER throw temper tantrums. BS. So how did I react you may ask? Bribery. Flat out bribery. Cait got a sweet pair of brown Mary Janes with gold bumblebee charms on them, a package of M&M’s and we stopped at McDonalds on the way home.

…….And I got a tub of ice cream for the inconvenience.

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