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Non-Post Thursday

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1. I got my hair cut yesterday—complete with bangs. Nobody has even noticed. I haven’t had bangs since like 7th grade. They’re the long sweeping type bang. I think I like it. I’d like it more if I had touched up my roots and perhaps blow-dried and styled my hair this morning….and we all know that wasn’t going to happen.
2. Have I mentioned that Ed has been staying home with the kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays? He is and is doing a great job. (plus it’s saving us like $160/week on daycare) As long as I leave out clothes for both and diapers and wipes for Cait. All hell broke loose this morning because I forgot and apparently he was unaware of Eddie’s aversion to any pant that is not a wind pant. I directed him to the wind pants (Eddie’s dresser) and the crisis was averted.
3. I have had entirely too much coffee to drink today.
4. I am wearing a pair of those new trendy super dark jeans. They’re cute, but also stink like dye. It’s annoying. I’m also wearing heels with my jeans which I have never done before. I’m such a trendy mom.
5. I’m considering traveling to Georgia in May by myself for my cousin’s wedding. There is no way Ed and the kids could go. I wouldn’t be totally alone as my parents are going but I’d be traveling alone—which is weird.
6. We’re going to The Bill’s game on Sunday as I won free tickets from work. Ed asked if someone was mad at me and compared winning them to winning a pile of crap. He’s pretty much right, but we’ll go and root for them just the same.
7. The reason for this non post is that I’m working on like 4 other entries based around the following:
• Pooping at work
• Child spacing views and how mine don’t fit in with missing this:

• The fact that I’m pretty sure I’m a compulsive eater
• My review of season premier week (I love TV)

Ok, I have much more to do on my lunch break, starting with going to the post office. YIPPEE!

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