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Like I mentioned yesterday, today was picture day at daycare. I’ve been apprehensive all day because 2 years ago, Eddie wouldn’t even go in to the room to have his picture taken (I was still on maternity leave with Cait, so she didn’t go at all) and last year both kids gave the people a really hard time—though Eddie eventually sat and smiled when they gave him one of their props to hold. Caitlyn though, was hysterical, and when they did get her to sit, she stared blankly at the camera, teas in her eyes, and snot dripping out of her nose. I have these photos displayed proudly on my desk though, because they do capture the kid’s true personalities. In any case, I hope it goes better today. They have a nice autumn background and I dressed the kids in jeans (Cait in a denim jumper) and Eddie in an orange striped shirt and Cait in a pinky/orangey and brown striped shirt. If it goes well, they will be adorable photos.

We’ve been having a really hard time with Eddie at drop off. He screams, and cries and carries on uncontrollably, saying “I want my Mommy…” or “I don’t like school!!” He’s been telling me that he misses the old school and wants to go back. I’ve asked him if the teacher is mean, or if someone is hurting him and he says no. I asked him if he gets in trouble, and he says no. Teacher says he is usually fine soon after we leave, but his anxiety really concerns me. He was doing a whole lot better until we went on vacation, and then he was sick for 4 days, so there was a good chunk of time where he was home. I don’t know if he feels like if he carries on enough, we’ll figure something out and take him home? Or if he really just hates it there? Or if he’s going through something that he can’t express? He hasn’t had any sort of separation anxiety since he was 18 months old, so I am at a complete loss as to what to do with him. I tend to make goodbyes quick, leaving him there crying. It kills me to do it, but I don’t feel like lingering will help anything. (not to mention having to be at work) Ed disagrees—wants to have him somewhat calmed down before we go and is actually horrified that I would just leave him there. In general, the whole situation sucks.

Caitlyn is easy though, like she always has been. She smiles, and goes off to play, or sits down to breakfast waving goodbye. Calling after us “BYE Mommy and Daddy!!!” She can’t get us out the door soon enough and generally doesn’t want to leave at the end of the day either.

Complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

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