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I don’t know what is going on today, you know, being expected to work rather than peruse blogs all day long, but here it is 4:00 and I’m finally writing when there is very little time left in my day.

I’m actually kind of sick. My throat started feeling a little bit scratchy and I felt a bit off (well more so that usual) yesterday so on my way home from the baby shower I was at, I picked up some NyQuil. I bought the capsules rather than the liquid, and somehow convinced myself that they were not working–like unless I physically tasted the green syrupy black licorice magic, the medicine just wouldn’t work–and was up all night. It could just be that I only took half of a dose, but I think I’ll pawn the capsules off on Ed and pick up a jug of NyQuil to drown away my sorrows sickness.

Our weekend was productive in an odd sort of way. We spent Saturday driving around to furniture stores for no actual reason. We are considering a breakfast nook for our kitchen and bunk beds (bump beds if you are Eddie) for the kids’ room. We went to the far away pumpkin farm as well, in search of my cookies and they did not have them. I will be making cookies tonight a la Mommy Daisy because I just can’t wait any longer. I can pawn them off at work as Halloween Treats and not buy any candy for my associates either.

After the baby shower yesterday, we carved pumpkins and I did oven fried chicken for dinner, (The recipe is on the back of the bisquick box, and is a favorite in our house) and bathed the kids. It was a pretty laid back kind of night. For what it was worth ( = not much) I was in bed by 10.

I saved the best for last though……Cait has been peeing AND pooping on the potty exclusively since Friday. She even woke us me up at 5:00 AM Saturday screaming “MOMMY!!! I NEED TO GO PEE!!!!!” Her pull up was dry, and she peed and went back to bed. It was like the flick of a switch, and she was done peeing in diapers. I’m so proud of my baby girl. Now if we could only get her brother to stay dry through the night. That’s a story for a different day though.

I’m looking forward to seeing photos of all the mini ghouls and goblins out here in bloggy land, and I’ll be posting a few of my own as well.

Hooray for Halloween!!

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