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Tuesday Feels Like Monday (and actually sucks a little bit more)

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1. Ahh, everyone is writing about their weddings. I need to write a wedding post, I imagine. It would need photos though, and those are housed at home. So, another day.

2. A few people questioned my writing of “I feed a family of 5” yesterday. Maybe I’ve never clarified that my FIL lives with us. He is retired and we buy the groceries. He watches the kids enough where it is a wash. He’ll pick p the occasional loaf of bread or gallon of milk, but he figures in to my grocery budget as much as anyone else.

3. Today is one of those days where I’m dying to have another baby…and I’m not even ovulating. It’s just that everyone around me seems to be so deliciously pregnant. And I’m jealous. I don’t think it would go away even if I had 5 kids. Humph.

4. Today is Tuesday which means that Ed is home with the kids. He’s trying to cut down a tree in our back yard that was already dying, but was destroyed by last year’s October storm. I’m not sure how that will all work out, but here’s to hoping.

5. It’s 60 degrees today but I am bundled in my sweater. This cold just will not go away. And I think I have pink eye, or at least the beginning of it. Good thing I sandbagged drops from last year. I’ve been loading myself up all day.

6. I’ve already eaten my lunch but I’m very hungry. Nothing even sounds good though.

7. Ok, let’s take my depressing butt out of here. Maybe a happy wedding entry tonight.

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