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Can Today Be De-Lurking Day?

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If you are here today, regardless of whether or not you read my blog daily, or just happened upon it, please leave me a comment. I’d like to know who visits.

Here are a few questions to answer for me….

How did you get here? Another blog? Am I in your reader? Did you google something crazy like ketchup in goulash? (That brings a lot of people over.)

What is your position on babies and pacifiers?

What is your favorite television show and why?

What is your favorite song at the moment?

I will answer my own questions. I had/have a blog on another site. No, you can’t read it….but I began blogging here after reading Catherine Newman’s blog

I am not a fan of the paci. At all. My kids never used them. (Cait sucks on her blankie though) Ed and I both felt strongly about not shoving a plug in our child’s mouth, which is not to say that is what most parents do, but you have to admit, it’s out there. I have a hard time seeing a 4-year-old with a binky as well. It drives me nuts.

Favorite TV show…..right now? How I Met Your Mother. I love it like no other. And also Samantha Who, it’s very smart and funny.

Favorite Song at the moment: Matchbox 20, Let’s See How Far We’ve Come. LOOOVE It!! It’s so catchy. A bit trendy fr my usual taste, but like I said, LOOOOVE IT!

Ok, so please de-lurk. All of you!

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