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Thursday’s seem to be the days when I write some sort of retrospective. I really want to write about my wedding, but that is better suited for a photo entry. Unfortunately I was married prior to the rampant use of the digital camera, and therefore, I need to scan my photos. The good new: Scanning them was my pregnancy project when I was gestating Eddie!! The bad news: I only made it through the ceremony photos before I either got bored, or decided that my time was better spent consuming mass quantities of Twinkies and Mug Root Beer. I would place bets on the latter. What I’m getting at is that our goal was to throw a kick ass party, and I can’t really tell the story without the awesome reception photos. The reception was complete hysteria and the best party I’ve ever been to…..I will surely tell you about it soon.

For today though, I’ve decided to copy something I read over at dreamgrrl’s which I think is kind of fun.

10 Things I Liked as a Teenager but Don’t Really Care For Now
1. Talking on the phone for hours and hours
2. Breaded chicken patties on buns with mayo
3. having more friends than I could count
4. wearing my dad’s flannel shirts
5. VANS sneakers which I had decorated with pen and marker
6. Dying my hair green with a bingo marker
7. Being obnoxious on purpose
8. shopping for clothes at the Salvation Army
9. wearing hats
10. hanging out at the mall, at least 3 times a week

10 Things I Did Not Like as a Teenager but Do Like Quite a Bit Now
1. Getting up early
2. yogurt
3. being somewhat productive
4. spending time with my family
5. grocery shopping
6. working out
7. camping
8. learning from my mistakes
9. a good glass of wine
10. fancy shoes

10 Things I have Never Liked and Likely Never Will
1. Wearing jewelry
2. doing anything with my hair other than washing and brushing
3. wearing make-up
4. going to the bank or post office
5. ketchup on anything but hotdogs, hamburgers, roast beef, or mac and cheese
6. painting my fingernails
7. cleaning, or any type of housework (you would have died if you saw my room when I was growing up. DIED.)
8. peas. Blech.
9. The History Channel
10. Participating in any sort of sport (unless it’s darts.)

10 Things I Have Always Liked and Probably Always Will
1. Watching more television than any human should be allowed to watch
2. Silly Teenie bopper movies (High School Musical, anyone??)
3. burying my nose in a good book
4. Burger King Whoppers
5. Coffee—have been an addict since I was 14
6. singing, alone or in groups (does anyone want to be in a band with me?)
7. church
8. Planning future baby’s names
9. dry and ridiculous humor
10. Writing

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