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Flippers Do Not Go With Dress Pants

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So it’s Saturday, and here I am working of all things. There are about 15 people here who don’t actually work for me, but all of the managers rotate Saturdays. Sadly, I’m not a lot of help to them because I’m so far removed from what they do. But I sure can give them direction! Plus 2 of my associates are here too, and they know a lot more that I do.

So I was wondering, does anyone ever do this? NO, you don’t do it every month based on your cycle, to see what you could potentially have if you were to potentially get pregnant this month? Oh, ok me either. But on the off chance that I did do such a thing, it predicts that I’d have another girl. It’s right for my other kids too. But I should say that I’m not pregnant, because I’m not. At least not that I know of. (NOT THAT YOU KNOW OF……) Seriously though, I’m not. (OR AM I???)

Ed is a member of the Kiwanis and their annual dinner dance is tonight. I didn’t get to go last year (lucky me…er…DARN!) because I was at a friend’s wedding in Syracuse (**note to self, wish Erin a happy anniversary) but we are all going tonight. Which meant that I couldn’t even wear sweats to work on the one day it is acceptable because Ed and the kids are picking me up and we’re going right there. I am wearing my ugly ugly shoes, that actually look kind of like flippers that I bought when I was pregnant with Cait because my feet were so huge……they are a size 9 and are so ugly—but comfy!! My size 7.5 heels are in the car for later.

So, here is a list of things I had to do before coming to work this AM to ensure a smooth transition to our function tonight.
• Feed both children. When can they make their own fricken toast?
• Pack a diaper bag for tonight, just in case either of them pees their pants (I’m not a daredevil, sorry—the grocery store is as far as I go without back-up)
• Leave out clothes acceptable for play today
• Leave out fancier clothes for this evening, and instructions as to what shoes each child should wear
• Instruct Ed to wear some of the new clothes we bought him last week, rather than the same khakis and polo shirt
• Pack Cait’s brush and pony tail holders so that I can do her hair in the car
• Tell Ed to make sure they both have clean hands and faces before they leave (seriously)

And I still got here at 9. Oh happy day!! It’s 12:30 and I have 5 hours to go. So far I have looked at and printed both of our credit reports, perused MySpace and spent about 30 minutes on the phone with Ed. Further down my agenda is writing letters to our insurance company, who still refuses to pay for Ed’s tonsil surgery, citing that it was not medically necessary, and send requests for all of Ed’s medical records to the hospital and doctor. Perhaps some online shopping, lunch, and general screwing around will help to pass the time.

I’m going to start in on lunch now, but I’m sure I’ll be rooting back around in here later.

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