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Ed and I never fight about anything that is consequential. I mean it. We bicker about anything and everything, but when it comes to fighting, it is never about anything that matters. Shall we take today for example? Today we fought about Golden Grahams. Really. Golden Grahams.

When we were going to bed last night, he had asked whether there was any good cereal in the basement. I told him that we had Golden Grahams and he was pleased. This morning I went downstairs to get my work clothes and pop tarts for the kids’ breakfast and seeing them on the shelf, I also grabbed the Golden Grahams.

I went about my regular routine, fed and dressed the kids, and got ready for work. On my way out the door, I casually called out “Hey, I brought up that cereal for you.” For whatever reason, this upset him. Why did I have to say something in front of the kids? Now they will want to eat them. I should have just left them in the basement and he would have gotten them. Of course I have to make some pissy remark like “because you need to eat the whole box??” Finally, I yell “What is your problem!!!!” and he yells the same back at me, to which I reply “STOP YELLING AT ME!!” and he says “NO!”

At this, I go and kiss the kids goodbye and leave in a huff.

How does a situation like this resolve itself, you might ask. It’s really quite simple. Pretend it never happened.

We didn’t talk until almost noon today. He called me to test out the quality of our new phone. Neither of us mentioned the squabble. As I said, it was inconsequential; over before it started really.

When it comes down to the big things, we talk. And talk. And talk some more until everything works out. This is how we function as a couple, and we function well.

Unless it’s about cereal……

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