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So I’ve been in this training seminar the last few days; Leading Effective Sales People. Never mind that I do not manage sales people, it is actually a good class. It’s tiring though and has taken a lot out of me. It’s one of those classes where they don’t even want you to come out to your regular job on your breaks and that is just something that I can’t commit to. So I’ve been back and forth, reading emails and kicking a few asses along with reading and commenting on blogs, sporadically.

We are planning on (finally) putting up our Christmas tree this evening. Every year I buy the kids an ornament and write their name and the year on it. This year, I let them pick out their own. We went from daycare on Wednesday to McDonalds to eat, and then over to the Christmas store. They were in awe of all the decorated trees, peppered with lights, some colored and some white, some with very conservative ornaments, the rest decked out in crazy fashions. They really enjoyed themselves. CA picked a kitty (it was a hello Kitty, but all she knows is that it was a white kitty with a pretty pink nose) and ED chose a yellow M&M who was all tied up in ribbon. I picked out an expecting ornament for hub and me and a new angel for the top of the tree. The kids were pretty excited about all of it.

Tomorrow we will be in Rochester for a birthday party, and then Sunday I am home with the kids all day, since hub is working. I’ll probably use Sunday to brush up the decorations, do some grocery shopping, and maybe start some cookies.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year. It will be the first time that both kids really know what is going on and can really enjoy it. They’re at the age where I won’t have to tend to them every second at our holiday gatherings, so that will be nice too. And just think….all of my family festivities start next week and I haven’t even bought one gift!

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  1. Enjoy your Christmas decorating. I love that you let the kids pick a new ornament this year. Great idea.

  2. I really like that ornament idea. And I also like that you picked out an expecting ornament. What a thing for a child to treasure when they’re older.

  3. I am SO GLAD you admitted that you haven’t bought even one gift. Everyone (parents, friends, colleagues) is freaking out that I haven’t started shopping yet. I’m hoping to get a good chunk done on Sunday while the kids go to a Christmas lunch with my parents at their church. I’ll have about three kid-free hours and I’m expecting to get the bulk of it done then!Have a great weekend!

  4. I do an ornament for the kids each year, too. It’s fun to see those ornaments again every year.

  5. We do an ornament each year, too. But it’s starting to make a crazy-lookin’ (and full!) tree! Was thinking of not doing it this year, but now you’re making me all sentimental….Hey! You were in my ‘hood yesterday. If I knew you were comin’…..I’d have bought you a WEGMAN’s cake. (YUMMY!) And I’m still wrapping my brain around baby names. (My BFF is due in about a month, and I’m trying to help HER come up with a boy’s name (this is her THIRD boy, the poor dear, and she’s run out of names).) So, I’m thinking on it….


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