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Baby Names? Already?

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I realize that I am like, a day pregnant. I do. (Ok, I am 5 weeks—in my 6th week, but whatever.) But these are things that I talk about when I’m not expecting, so it’s totally ok.

Anyhoo, we’ve been throwing around the idea of not finding out what we’re having this time to change it up a little bit. Part of me thinks it’s a great idea—we already have everything we need either way gender wise. The nosey Nellie in me needs to know right away. If it were possible to know today I would find out. I guess I have plenty of time to make a decision.

With all of this baby talk comes name talk though and it is proving to be a challenge, especially in the boy category. We kicked around Ben but decided it sounded ridiculous with our last name. We both kind of like Henry. But just kind of. I like Andrew, or Andy or Drew, he doesn’t. I like Hayden, he doesn’t—because Hayden Christianson played Darth Vader in Star Wars……So then I suggested Luke and he was against that too. He suggested Edward to which I replied ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?? Like we would be these freaks with 2 kids named Eddie. WTF. Our fall back name is Matthew, which is my brother’s name. It couples nicely with Christopher as a middle name, which is hub’s brother’s name. (I feel bad though because my other brother might get jealous) It also makes for some nice rapper MC jokes. In fact we were like “MC Lastname!” all night making “wickie wickie” record spinning sounds. I think we’re leaning toward a little bit out of the ordinary if it’s a boy, though.

For girls, we still both like Olivia, but again, the last name issue. We both really like Abbey too, but not as a nickname for Abigail, just Abbey. My problem with that name is that just before we were married there was this girl Hub worked with who has the same name. She kind of stalked him for a while and sent him some love letters. Until I sent her a nasty email which somehow gave ME a reputation where he worked as being a crazy bizotch. But I digress– I think I can get past it. I THINK. I love Grace, he hates it. I like Ella and he’s iffy on it. I like Jenna, he hates it.

Chinese gender predictor says it’s a girl. It has never been wrong before, but of course there is no science behind it.

We are definitely open to suggestions at this point—especially for boys. PLEASE! NAME OUR BABY!

I have 8.5 more months to think about it.

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  1. I have no name suggestions, especially since I don’t know your last name, but I wanted to say that I am years away from having a baby (unless the best-laid plans go awry, of course), and I think about baby names regularly. The first thing I would do after finding out I was pregnant would be to start arguing with Torsten about names. So I think you’re right on target with that one.

  2. I love Grace for a girl and Olivia. for a boy I am TOTALLY NOT GOING TO HELP YOU. i’m having enough trouble coming up with one on my own. I love Benjamin and Aidan but we can’t use them. In our case all the names I love are taken. We like to be slightly unusual but not totally outrageous and I just can’t come up with anything right now . . . Why are boys so much harder? Anyways – don’t find out the sex! The surprise is so much fun!!!! Please join me in driving myself crazy by not finding out!

  3. I agree – don’t find out! I didn’t find out for any of mine and the anticipation and surprise was a really fun part of it for me. As for names… we need more information. Are there name elements that you definitely do/don’t want (like number of syllables, top 100 yes/no… that kind of thing). I love name discussions. Love. them.

  4. Oh in your situation I wouldn’t find out the sex. I’ve told people before that if I had a boy and girl I’d let the next one be a surprise. I was about 60-75% sure I wanted my son’s sex to be a surpsise but my husband talked me into it. It didn’t take too much prying. I knew it would drive him nuts to wait and I wouldn’t hear the end of it so I caved.I’m bad at suggesting names but I like to comment about names that people have already thought about. I like Olivia and Abbey is cute. Is this ex-coworker or his someone you’d run into? It not go for it. Grace…Ella…Jenna…all good names.I like Ben (it’s my husband’s brother’s name). And Matthew is great. 😉 It’s my hubby’s name and Zachariah’s middle name for that reason. What about Matthew Charles? Just throwing that out there. 😉 Ha. Seriously though I do like Matthew Christopher. Sounds nice. I liked Hayden early on for my son but Matt didn’t like it either. Now I’m against it because there are too many Hayden girls. And Andrew is always good. I’ve always loved Drew. I couldn’t do Andrew because I knew one back in high school that caused problems (still does on occassion) with my family/relationship with Matt. Long story.Hope that helps. (Sorry for the lack of commas. It’s driving me nuts but my “comma” key isn’t working.)

  5. I think it’s easier to discuss baby names when it’s hypothetical – not as much pressure.I really like Ben. It’s one of my favorite names.

  6. Usually the day I find out I’m pregnant is the day I start my working baby name list.I like all the names you’re considering. (I mean all the REASONABLE ones–Edward is clearly out). Do you have The Baby Name Wizard? That’s the book I found most helpful.


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