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So the endocrinologist was swell. The good news is that they gave me blood work slips to last for my entire pregnancy. I don’t have to go back in until April; they will call me when my blood work comes back every 6 weeks. Nice, right? The bad news, of course, is blood work every 6 weeks. The price we pay for healthy babies, I’ll tell ya!

I did have fun reading the inane signs they had up in their office. Redundancy really annoys me, and it was EVERYWHERE. Obviously, their secretary needs to take a class or something. Here are some samples:

“This year once again we will be accepting donations for a family in need like we did last year.” (Once again this year like last year? YAY!)

“Beginning in May 2008 we will start offering 7:00 AM in the morning appointments. Would you like to come in at 7:00 AM in the morning?” (no, I’d like to come in at 7:00 AM in the evening.)

I really wanted to take photos but I think they would have thought it was weird.

Anyway, if you are wondering about pregnant old me, I am the way I always am early on. Exhausted, gassy, my boobs are sore, and in a rare twist, they are actually leaking. Seems odd for 5 weeks, but ok. I am so tired that I was driving on the thruway this morning at a pretty good pace thinking that maybe, just maybe, it would be ok to close my eyes for a second. I decided against it though. As a result of being tired though (or maybe just as a result of being pregnant, I don’t know, they tell me I was a raging biotch with E), I’m being a huge bitch at work. I can see my Christmas gift just sliding down the toilet. I can’t help it. I sent an email to all of my folks that start at 9:00 AM (in the morning) because as of 9:03 none of them were here. I also made a comment to one of my staffers to do less eating and more working. Yeah. That one could actually get me in some trouble.

Which is why I’m here. If I don’t pay attention to them, they can’t annoy me.

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  1. The other thing is that if you vent about them all here on your blog, it might make you less likely to get yourself in trouble by venting at them directly.

  2. Yep, we’ll put up with your grumpiness. Bring it on, we can take it. At least it will keep the gift givers in good graces. And we understand. HUGS!

  3. the biotchiness just sucks doesn’t it? People at my office have been setting me up to yell at their bosses because they remember how awful I was last time. I’m just taking most of it out on my husband now though. I’m sorry you’re feeling the same – it blows doesn’t it? Maybe you need to blast some Bloodhound Gang while you toss things in the new mixer. Are you starting to feel that “i’m totally out of control” thing? for me that is the worst part

  4. I’m sensing many more middle-of-the-day posts with “OMG, what is the MATTER with these people!”-type entries. And that’s completely cool. ‘Cause we can TAKE that just fine.

  5. Banana!! THAT IS THE TICKET!! The Gang will get me through this!Carrie–you’re probably right.

  6. You know, while gestating a pregnancy bothersome things get on your nerves and bother you. The best most beneficial thing to do is to stay away from and avoid things that annoy or bother you in a bothersome sort of way. ;)It’ll get better hon. If your commenters stop baiting you, that is.


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