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22-ish Months

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Devan’s post the other day got me thinking that I hadn’t done a comparison post in quite some time. And really, I haven’t! So lets take a look, shall we, at my children when they were all around Liv’s current age of 22(ish) months.




It’s pretty amazing how even still, Bud and Liv are clones of each other. I can see the resemblance to them in Lucy’s face though—can you?

Happy (belated) Birthday, Baby!

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In all the chaos of the last few weeks, I neglected to mention that my Liv, celebrated her 1st birthday on July 29th. A year! Can you even believe it? The time has gone so fast, and yet, it seems like she’s been with us forever. Indeed, she was a good addition to our family.

She is a little spitfire too. She, who was smaller than my other children at birth, is now a 23lb tyrant. She is a big girl, and she thinks she is even bigger, since she follows her older siblings around everywhere. She runs, not walks, everywhere, and is insistent to climb everything, including our gate. She adores her big brother, and well, she tolerates her big sister. She makes her opinions known whether you are listening or not; there is no question as to what she wants at any given time.

And the talking, my God, the talking. When she was about 6 months old, she started saying kitty cat (teee tat!!) over and over again. We thought that it might be the only word she ever spoke. Slowly, more words came. Eddie, Daddy, Caitlyn. Mama……but only when she is very upset. Now she speaks too many words to count. She loves to say “Hi!” and will usually say “Hi kitty!” or “Hi Daddy!” The latest is “kitty cat moooooow” (kitty cat meow) and boy does she love to say “uh oh!!”. My favorite though, might be “night night”….or maybe “cheese” (seeeeessse) when she sees the camera.

The look on her face last week, when we all sang happy birthday, was priceless. She loves singing regardless, but when she realized we were all singing, only to her, it was pretty great.

And for all she’s accomplished, she has not learned to sleep. Nope. There is too much going on! Too much to do! She wakes up shrieking in the middle of the night, only to settle right back down as soon as she can burrow in to my shoulder. This is bad; I know. I should leave her alone. But she is my baby girl. Maybe my last.

On Saturday, she’ll have her very first birthday party, shared with her big sister, who’ll be 4 next week. She’ll be the life of the party, I’m sure. She always is.

Happy Birthday, baby. Mommy loves you to the moon!

Sunshine and Roses

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If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you are likely aware that the baby has begun crawling and pulling her self up, and straight up standing within the last week or so. It has opened up an entire new world to her, for obvious reasons, but has also opened the dialogue between Hub and me as to whether she truly will be our final baby. (short answer—yes)

When you think of babies, you think of the snuggly little newborn who is on a sleep/eat/poop continuum. Teeny babies in footie pajamas, content to sleep on your shoulder or in the crook of your arm, content to be left in one spot for any period of time. You don’t think about the baby who refuses to sleep in her own bed, or finds rocks and rubber bands and pieces of random crap to shove in her mouth regardless of how vigilant you are about vacuuming and keeping your floors clean. You don’t think about baby proofing, or strategically closing off a part of your living room, or making sure the toilet is closed. You don’t remember worrying about whether she will stand up in her crib (should she choose to sleep there) and figure out a way to catapult herself out, because that is just the kind of baby she is.

We are in hell with Liv right now, a kind of hell that we never experienced with Bud and Lucy. She’s in to EVERYTHING and is constantly getting her fingers stuck in things and going after the cats and she wants what she wants when she wants it and you better comply or deal with her wrath. When you tell her no, she laughs and shakes her head no right back at you…and then blows you a kiss and moves on her merry way. She doesn’t know she is a tyrant; she thinks she is funny. And really, she is a perfectly happy baby. She is loud and exuberant a 22lb jolly sweetheart—unless you try and get in her way.

I know this is normal, I do. But I wasn’t prepared!! You don’t think about this stuff when you decide to have a baby! You think –it will be all snuggly fun!! It is not all snuggly fun.

Remind me of this when I get all swoony for one last baby, ok? Remind me that it is hard. And that eventually they’ll turn in to weirdo 5-year-olds, which is a whole new ball game.

Le Sigh

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I set the alarm for 5:30 this morning, but the baby started fussing at about 5:12. I shoved the pacifier in her mouth, holding her over until 5:23, when I plucked her, screaming and hungry from her bed. She ate lazily, as always, and barely woke up when I changed her diaper, but did latch back on and eat a bit more before I put her in the swing so I could shower. By the time I was out, the clock was nearing 7:30 and it was time to get the big kids up and fed. They were cooperative enough, and we only got out of here about 5 minutes after I had planned.

Today was Olivia’s first day at daycare.

You wouldn’t think that there would be a ton of anxiety, considering she is my third child, but it was no easier for me than it ever was. She has been with me every waking moment since her conception last November, save for a few runs to the store or to take the kids to school. And today, I was to hand her over to someone else. And come home, no less, since we had to start her this week or forfiet her spot and I don’t go back to work Monday.

“It will be great!”, I thought, “I can get used to leaving her without the pressures of work.” It wasn’t great. I kept it together though and didn’t cry as I went through th instructions with her caregiver, who is the mother of one of Lucy’s classmates, and her assistant, Lupe, who seemed nice enough–but I’m not so sure she speaks much english.

I was fine. I stopped and got a coffee and came home to work on some paperwork for Hub, pump, and take a nap.

I was fine.

Until I realized that in all of my explaining, I didn’t kiss the baby goodbye. I handed her off, talked a bunch, and left. So here I am typing, in tears, fighting every urge to go back up there just to kiss my baby girl goodbye. She wasn’t going to realize I was gone anyway, but how could I forget?

So much for thinking that this would be easier. It actually kind of sucks. A lot.

She, Lucy and I are spending tomorrow with my best girlfriend, her 3-year old daughter and her 4-month old daughter. It will be a nice break until I take her back on Friday. And tonight, I don’t plan on putting her down. I need my fill of her soft baby face and smell. I feel like I need to suck it all in; that she might somehow lose it while I’m not with her.

It’s funny, isn’t it, that a few short months ago I was wondering what she would do to our lives? Our dynamic? How we would love her as much as Bud and Lucy? And now, away from her for the first time, those feelings are foreign. It’s like she has always been here and we’ve always loved her.

In any case, I sure do miss her. And I’m glad I can pipe in and watch her all day on the computer. It’s clear that I am getting no work done today, right?

The One with Photos AND Video

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If you do nothing else today, watch Bud’s video at the bottom. You will die from the cute.

Here. we try and get the baby to smile:

Here we prove that you can dress Lucy as a princess, but a princess it does not make her:

And here is Bud. For your reference he says:

“I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that will reduce my mental health or physical growth.”

A Few Things….

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Lucy’s party on Saturday was great. Hub and I were up at 6am to do all of the cooking, and we had time to spare. We are getting a reputation for being party throwers and had over 50 people at the park including kids. Lucy spent most of the day conning various relatives in to pushing her on the swing. Here she is with my Uncle Ed:

And while I did order cupcakes, we got her a small cake as well, which she just loved.

Here she is with my dad, “Papa”:

And this one is for Shelly:

I ended up having to return one of the pairs of jeans she got from my mother, as they were size 24 months and instead of a gift receipt, she gave me the actual receipt. She spent over $120 on Lucy’s gifts, as well as making macaroni salad, a veggie tray and buying the cupcakes. I feel like this is WAY too much, but I don’t know what to do about it. Don’t get me wrong, I deeply appreciate it, but I feel like I need to repay her somehow. She spent double what Hu and I spent on Lucy’s gifts. And I know that’s what grammas are for and yadda yadda, but GAH!

In other news, Olivia turned 4 weeks old yesterday. I can’t believe how fast time flies, and what a personality she has already. Even in the darkness of the middle of the night, her dark blue eyes sparkle up at me when she wakes me to be fed; mischievous. She is amazing. I never thought that the third time around would be just as super as the first 2. My heart hurts sometimes; I love these three kids so much.

If Nothing Else, There Are Photos

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One Week Old

Trying to capture that her shirt says “Little Sister”

Sleeping with her blankie from Swistle

Preparing for bath

Bath…which she really liked

After Bath

With Lucy

My Current fave of her…..2-weeks old