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Comparison @ 5 Days Old

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Who does she look like???

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  1. Wow, Lucy is the sore thumb! Although actually, Olivia and Lucy have the same lips.

  2. ive done something here to have you a few cents!

  3. Definitely Bud! Wow! Such a sweetie!

  4. They’re so cute! (Bud.)

  5. Bud, but regardless I have to thank for the baby pics of all. My ovaries ached a tiny bit.

  6. She does look like Bud. And that’s a cute little outfit.

  7. She looks like….she looks like….she looks like I must nom her up NOM NOM NOM!!!

  8. I actually think she is a cross between the two, with just a bit more Bud than Lucy.What do you think? How do you feel!?!(Also, Swistle is hilarious.)

  9. I think she looks a little like Lucy but mostly like Bud.

  10. Can’t decide. I see a bit of both in her….Whew! Couldn’t get onto your site the other day. I kept yelling, BUT I MUST SEE THOSE PICS! And the computer kept giving me some lovely @#$% error!She’s lovely. OF COURSE.

  11. I think she looks like Bud. All of your children are beautiful.

  12. Bud. Hands down.My god they are cute.

  13. I believe she wins the prize for cutest baby, but other than that? kind of a blend, really. The cheeks, those cheeks!

  14. bud and can you pulease email me the real name i feel left out knowing the others real names and not hers. wilddreemer@yahoo.comhow are you feeling. your family is so cute. im kinda jealous!


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