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* Although I did use her real name in my first post, going forward, the babe shall again be known as Olivia. I wanted you all to know that we did change the middle name (to my middle name) at the last minute.
* She loves to eat and is not so big on the sleeping yet. Soon, I hope, since my milk came in today and I also discovered that she enjoys sleeping on the boppy. Dangerous, I know. I am not condoning this method for anyone else. But I’m tired.
* I am completely over the moon for her.
* She looks just like Bud as a baby.
* Both big kids are doing well. It’s a bit of an emotional adjustment, but they are hanging in there.
* I had many comments about posting from the hospital—I was bored as crap there. It will be much more sporadic from home, I assure you. I am Tweeting pretty regularly though.
* Here are the photos since I am hungry and thirsty and have already been online dealing with my disability pay for an hour. GAH!

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  1. She is such a sweetie! I love her expression in that last pic (and I’m dying over how HUGE those mittens look on her little hands)!Great photos of you and the kids, too! You look GREAT.

  2. Oh she is so sweet and that picture of Bud holding her is just priceless! You guys are a gorgeous family!

  3. So sweet. She reminds me of Brother, for some strange reason. I think it is the picture on the Boppy with the mittens. We have pictures just like that of him.

  4. Adorable! She does look just like her big brother.

  5. Look at her! So sweet, with delicious cheeks. I love the picture of the four of you on the bed.

  6. I love those chub cheeks, so big they’re practically falling off of her! Mmm, baby fat=yummy. And I love that one of you all together, too.

  7. You look amazing. She is beautiful. I am so happy everyone is ok. Love & hugs, Paprika xxx

  8. Not only is your new baby gorgeous, but you look fantastic, too! I hope sleep finds you soon.

  9. DUDE WHAT THE FUCK I LOSE INTERNET FOR A WHILE, COME BACK AND BAMMO THERE IS A BABY!SHES ADORABLEI let Codi sleep in the boppy all the time too. Fuck it right!

  10. awww she’s so CUTE!!!! šŸ™‚ I just want to kiss her little cheeks hehe šŸ™‚

  11. She is SO darling! Thanks for posting the pix. You look so happy with all of your babies! Congrats again, momma! Way to go!

  12. Thanks for sharing such great photos!

  13. Thanks for sharing all of the photos. Little Olivia is such a sweetie pie. I hope that you get the package I sent soon.


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