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If Nothing Else, There Are Photos

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One Week Old

Trying to capture that her shirt says “Little Sister”

Sleeping with her blankie from Swistle

Preparing for bath

Bath…which she really liked

After Bath

With Lucy

My Current fave of her…..2-weeks old

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  1. Oh, she is just perfect! I hardly every think SUCH new babies are beautiful, but she truly is!

  2. Jess is right. She is absolutely beautiful. & even though I know we are only having one, yours is the very first baby that has made my ovaries sincerely want to reconsider. Can I just come over and cuddle her and smell her tiny newborn head?

  3. Aww, so sweet. She is beautiful. And how sweet is the one of L with O? Very sweet, I say.

  4. What a beautiful baby! She looks very snuggly!

  5. She’s gorgeous! Such a sweet picture of her and Lucy.

  6. Oh, that sleeping-with-blankie one is my favorite!She is just so precious. I WOULD LIKE TO HOLD HER KTHX.

  7. She already looks so much older. My turn to hold her after Tessie, CALLED IT!

  8. I would like to dispense many kisses! So is SO CUTE!

  9. AAAAAAAA! Baby pictures!Also, it is so weird-cool to see something that was HERE at my house now over THERE at your house. It’s like seeing something of mine ON TV.

  10. I love that one of Lucy with the baby. Squish. Sisters!

  11. She is SO CUTE! You are so lucky. I wish *I* could cuddle up with her and give her a snuggle.


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