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Do you think it's normal to have completely stopped bleeding at only 2
weeks post partum? It has been 3 days of nothing. It lasted between
4&6 weeks the other times. I don't want to bother the dr. if I'm just
being silly.

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  1. That is when I stopped bleeding this last time. I really didn’t think anything of it…Now I wonder if I should have?

  2. I think it’s fine. I never did bleed a lot after the first few days. But I don’t bleed lots during my period either, so I didn’t think much about it. There wasn’t much left after 2 weeks, and it was completely done by at least 4 weeks for me.

  3. Probably fine. And I wish I had been so lucky. I was a about a 4-weeker myself.

  4. No idea, but I know some women stop early then start again. I probably wouldn’t be worried.

  5. Hi…I found you through Mommy Daisy….love your blog and congrats on your newest addition!I’m one of the women Penny referred to in her comment; I bled for a couple of weeks, stopped and then started up again only to finish a couple of days before my 4 week post-partum checkup. My OB said it’s totally normal. I just made sure that I was prepared for it when it started up again to avoid total embarrassment (learned my lesson after baby #1).

  6. Mine varied from pregnancy to pregnancy: some longer, some done quickly.

  7. My friend only bled for a week after her first, I think. I bled for EIGHT WEEKS with Addy, but only three or four with Eli. I’d just count yourself lucky!

  8. Trust me on this – never worry if you’re NOT bleeding. 🙂 worry if you are bleeding like crazy, have a fever, or belly pain. don’t worry about it 🙂


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