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A Few Things….

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Lucy’s party on Saturday was great. Hub and I were up at 6am to do all of the cooking, and we had time to spare. We are getting a reputation for being party throwers and had over 50 people at the park including kids. Lucy spent most of the day conning various relatives in to pushing her on the swing. Here she is with my Uncle Ed:

And while I did order cupcakes, we got her a small cake as well, which she just loved.

Here she is with my dad, “Papa”:

And this one is for Shelly:

I ended up having to return one of the pairs of jeans she got from my mother, as they were size 24 months and instead of a gift receipt, she gave me the actual receipt. She spent over $120 on Lucy’s gifts, as well as making macaroni salad, a veggie tray and buying the cupcakes. I feel like this is WAY too much, but I don’t know what to do about it. Don’t get me wrong, I deeply appreciate it, but I feel like I need to repay her somehow. She spent double what Hu and I spent on Lucy’s gifts. And I know that’s what grammas are for and yadda yadda, but GAH!

In other news, Olivia turned 4 weeks old yesterday. I can’t believe how fast time flies, and what a personality she has already. Even in the darkness of the middle of the night, her dark blue eyes sparkle up at me when she wakes me to be fed; mischievous. She is amazing. I never thought that the third time around would be just as super as the first 2. My heart hurts sometimes; I love these three kids so much.

Finished….and a few photos

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FINISH THE SENTENCE—stolen from numerous bloggers….

Maybe I should
order a cake for Lucy’s party
I love the smell of coffee brewing in the morning, freshly showered kiddos and the baby’s head
People would say that I am sarcastic and full of dry humor.
I don’t understand why my big ids are suddenly so wild.
I lost my favorite lipstick and found it 2 years later.
Life is way too short and quick
My past involves an alcoholic mother and a strong desire to flee.
My idea of a good time is a comfy hotel bed all to myself with lots of pillows and endless hours of sleep.
I wish Hub didn’t work so much at night.
Twins would be a real handful! But probably pretty great.
Dust bunnies are good friends of mine.
Tomorrow I’m going to go to BJ’s to shop for the party.
I have low tolerance anything that flashes, dings or repetitive noises.
I’m totally terrified of the dark.
I wonder why Bud always has to poop 30 minutes after I put him to bed, regardless of what time it is.
Never in my life have I done any illegal drugs.
High school was actually pretty fun
When I’m nervous I run my mouth.
One time at a family gathering my father fell off our washing machine and broke his leg.
Take my advice: stay in school.
Taking a good picture is better done by someone else.
I’m almost always talkative
I’m addicted to coffee, TLC
I want someone to come and change some diapers, please.

3 weeks

I just liked this one. Bud and Lucy at the park today.

Me, MIL, Bud and Lucy at the fair Saturday

Catching Up on Photos

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I’ve been behind on photos, so here you’ll find a bunch. You’ll notice that CA is the subject of most of them, not because I’m playing favorites, but because ED flat out refuses to pose. CA loves to be in photos, and is very photogenic. What can I say, she’s a beauty……

This is them every morning—they get out of bed and pass out on the couch while I shower (it’s blurry, I know).

Here is CA on Valentine’s Day. Her shirt says “My heart belongs to Daddy”

A few of the kids sledding down Hub’s man made hill on our porch:

Sabbie loves the springtime sunshine

Here are the 2 outfits CA picked out for The Bean (shoes and all):

CA being goofy on the couch:

The kids and my MIL (who currently weighs less than 100 lbs which is a story for another day) on Easter morning:

CA posing on Easter (The first is quite possibly my all-time favorite picture of her—I could eat her. Everyone says she looks just like me in the second)

ED posing (reluctantly) on Easter. He loved his bug outfit though and asked if he could wear it again next Easter. He is only 4, but I feel like he looks 10!

Notes from the ER

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We’ve Decorated—a photo entry

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My China Cabinet and Nativity Scene

My penguin pants
CA taking a rest while we do the work

My Favorite Ornament
CA’s Angels

ED’s nutcrackers

The Grinch and Dog

The View Outside

CA posing

The Tree

My New Angel

Halloween Photos—finally

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Thought of the Day: I truly am the world’s biggest slacker.

But here they are, without further ado…. (I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat)

(it says “I left my princess costume at home.)

Mommy Daisy’s Cookies

Our pumpkins

Ed, and Jeff Gordon

Our Witchy Princess

Ok, I have like 14 loads of laundry to do so I’m out for now. Happy Saturday!

A Few Photos From This Weekend

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I’m going to try and keep it short but these are too cute not to share. 🙂

First, from our baseball game on Friday night–

(do you like my legs?)

Then a few from Cait’s little party at home and her new birthday tricycle–yeah, she’s a bruiser 🙂 Notice her trendy tattoo. 🙂

The rest are from the fair and the demo derby. Take note of Dead Mickey Mouse

And probably my favorite one of all–Eddie watching the derby

A Photo Entry

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Here’s what happens when you let your almost-2-year-old have access to your cupboards:

Potatoes in your bed

These are the glorious cookies I made using Sarah’s recipe:

This is the cutest girl in the world…

One of my new favorite photos, Eddie and Grandpa at the creek

Paris Hilton in training:

Caitlyn the monkey at the brown park:

Eddie on the ladder:

And going down the HUUUUGE twisty slide at the brown park for the 1st time

One more at the creek:

And finally, the giant coffee mug Ed bought me at Cedar Point next to my regular favorite mug for emphasis: