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Finished….and a few photos

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FINISH THE SENTENCE—stolen from numerous bloggers….

Maybe I should
order a cake for Lucy’s party
I love the smell of coffee brewing in the morning, freshly showered kiddos and the baby’s head
People would say that I am sarcastic and full of dry humor.
I don’t understand why my big ids are suddenly so wild.
I lost my favorite lipstick and found it 2 years later.
Life is way too short and quick
My past involves an alcoholic mother and a strong desire to flee.
My idea of a good time is a comfy hotel bed all to myself with lots of pillows and endless hours of sleep.
I wish Hub didn’t work so much at night.
Twins would be a real handful! But probably pretty great.
Dust bunnies are good friends of mine.
Tomorrow I’m going to go to BJ’s to shop for the party.
I have low tolerance anything that flashes, dings or repetitive noises.
I’m totally terrified of the dark.
I wonder why Bud always has to poop 30 minutes after I put him to bed, regardless of what time it is.
Never in my life have I done any illegal drugs.
High school was actually pretty fun
When I’m nervous I run my mouth.
One time at a family gathering my father fell off our washing machine and broke his leg.
Take my advice: stay in school.
Taking a good picture is better done by someone else.
I’m almost always talkative
I’m addicted to coffee, TLC
I want someone to come and change some diapers, please.

3 weeks

I just liked this one. Bud and Lucy at the park today.

Me, MIL, Bud and Lucy at the fair Saturday

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  1. Dude. You look GREAT! Hope you’re hanging in there.

  2. Twins are my worst nightmare. And YOU look GREAT.

  3. She is so PRETTY! And I love this list. May steal it.

  4. You look fantastic. And I love the pictures of the bebeh! I would like to borrow her – just for a little while. 🙂

  5. You look good babes, Paprika xxx

  6. Wow, what an adorable baby! And I love the photo of the fair. So much fun! We just got back from our fair tonight.

  7. You look AWESOME! And I’m so glad you’re back around here. I gave you a shout on my last post. You’ll LOVE it!

  8. I love her. She already looks like she has so much personality!


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