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Catching Up on Photos

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I’ve been behind on photos, so here you’ll find a bunch. You’ll notice that CA is the subject of most of them, not because I’m playing favorites, but because ED flat out refuses to pose. CA loves to be in photos, and is very photogenic. What can I say, she’s a beauty……

This is them every morning—they get out of bed and pass out on the couch while I shower (it’s blurry, I know).

Here is CA on Valentine’s Day. Her shirt says “My heart belongs to Daddy”

A few of the kids sledding down Hub’s man made hill on our porch:

Sabbie loves the springtime sunshine

Here are the 2 outfits CA picked out for The Bean (shoes and all):

CA being goofy on the couch:

The kids and my MIL (who currently weighs less than 100 lbs which is a story for another day) on Easter morning:

CA posing on Easter (The first is quite possibly my all-time favorite picture of her—I could eat her. Everyone says she looks just like me in the second)

ED posing (reluctantly) on Easter. He loved his bug outfit though and asked if he could wear it again next Easter. He is only 4, but I feel like he looks 10!

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  1. They are both so adorable. And that snow hill looks like it was lots of fun!

  2. Oh your kids are so cute. I love the Easter photos! And also, the man-made hill for sledding is a brilliant idea. I wish we had a porch.

  3. That snow hill was GENIUS! GENIUS, I tell you!

  4. They are SO cute! I love when kids do their “Super Smile” – it cracks me up. We have a bunch of those in our wedding pictures (from the little kids, not us, although there is photo that Jason’s mom got enlarged, and I feel I’m smiling a little too maniacally in it).That snow hill is AWESOME.

  5. Love the toboggan run. We used to do the same thing at my Grandma’s house. Adorable shots of the kids!

  6. The kids are so cute. Yes, ED does look older in that last picture, but he looks like a sweet baby in the first. 😉 I always find that with awake vs. asleep photos os kids.The outfits for the new baby are great. I love them! CA has great taste.

  7. okay that sled thingy is sooooo fricking awesome. in the last picture of it i looked really fast and thought your husband was falling off the stairs i freaked ou


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