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Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy-Week 23–I think we’ve named our babies

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Here is a picture of me at 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant with Hannah:


Here I am at 23 weeks and 1 day with the twins:


I am starting to get nervous.  The amount of stretching going on here is unfathomable to me.  And to think that we have (realistically) between 12 and 16 more weeks to go…well, it scares me.  Pants of any kind are starting to get on my nerves.  Walking around for any period of time causes my belly to become uncomfortably tight.  Furthermore, I can barely type around it anymore, which is an issue.

I have a sonogram on Friday, to check growth, and then my regular doctor’s appointment next week.  This starts the rotation of all medical monitoring all the time, to include more blood work, gestational diabetes testing, more sonograms, more appointments and the like.  It is probably close to time for me to stop working, but I’m not mentally there yet.

We’ve made a pretty good dent in our newborn sized clothing, which pleases me.  The new cloth diapers I ordered arrived on Friday, and once I receive the next set of used ones I have coming, we should be set.  The beds will arrive this week too.

It is all happening so fast.

Last week, I had something of an epiphany regarding our girl’s name.  It was a name that was on our list for Eddie, had he been a girl and was one that hat trickled in and out of discussions through the years.  About an hour after this train of thought, Ed sent me a text that was one word: Molly, to which I replied “???” and he said “Your daughter?” and I burst in to tears, because this was the name I had been thinking about earlier.  And just like that, she was named and I felt really good about it.

On Friday, Ed told me he had thought of an equally good boy’s name but he wasn’t going to tell me in the hopes that I would think of it too.  Long story short, I did not think of it, but on Friday night he told me and asked what I thought.  I was kind of shocked, not because I don’t like the name, but because it seems out of the ordinary for something Ed would like.  I was also moderately nervous about the reactions we would get from family and friends if we chose it.  Then, on Saturday while I waited for the girls at gymnastics, I took to Twitter and asked what everyone thought, if it seemed weird with our other names and so on. By this time, I was feeling that the baby WAS this name, but I just needed some help getting there, and help I got.  I came home and told Ed that I was pretty sure it was our baby boy’s name.  The name is Angus, with a nickname of Gus.  And I sort of love it.  Ed decided to try the names out on his family that evening. and of course, the reaction  was not what I wanted.  They thought he was joking.  One person said “Well it’s not important if *I* like it…”, and while it’s not really important, I struggled with knowing that they all went home and probably snickered about it a bit. And again, Twitter helped me through.  And nobody even mentioned the Colonel Angus SNL skits, that my husband thought would be funny to bring up. So many people had such nice and positive and EFF EVERYONE else thoughts. And Temerity Jane even pointed out that MacGyver’s first name was Angus, and is my family too good for MacGyver? (No they are not). Anyway what I’m getting at is that I think we are going to take the punches and move forward with Angus, regardless of the cow references, and regardless of anything or anyone else.

I especially like how Angus coordinates with Edmund, and that neither name has been in the top 1000, um, ever.  Molly coordinates with the girls in the same way–though it is a little less common–it is on par with the popularity of their names.  And I think they all work well together, and nobody shares an initial, and nobody is named Obedient (If you don’t know my last name, you are lost…sorry). I like that they all give off sort of the same vibe.  I am pleased.

Hannah is very upset that we cannot name them Mickey and Minnie.

I have not told my mother either of the names yet.

Of course, the babies need to stay put for quite a while longer, but I finally feel prepared for all of this.  As prepared as one can be anyway.  Babies! With names! And gear! I think I say something like this every week, but this really is happening! Can you believe it?

More about Baby Names, and please help me

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At this point in all of my other pregnancies, my baby was named.  Maybe with some questions about the middle name, but always named.  I’m not entirely sure what the problem is this time around, especially because I am a preparer by nature.  I think of these babies though, and what their names are, and my mind goes blank and I go in to a mild panic.  I just have no idea! Maybe because this is my last shot at naming babies I am putting too much pressure on myself.  I sort of want their names to be perfect.  Ed is not being helpful, ever since the great Melissa debate.  He says that my dislike of the name, even though I did agree and allowed for Millie as a nickname, has ruined it for him.  He wants me to come up with names, and then he will agree or disagree.  I want an active 2-sided discussion.  None of this is happening.

So this leaves me making lists both in my head and on paper, and crossing things off, both mentally and for real, and mostly feeling like we will never ever name these babies.


I’ve been calling them Thurston and Reba since Tuesday.  Just for fun, in a “we would NOT EVER call our kids this” kind of way.  I have to call them something other than Baby Girl and Baby Boy.

I guess now is the time for a list.

Here are names that I/we like that cannot be used:

  • Olivia -issue with our last name
  • Abby/Abigail- bad association from a good 12 years ago, and  our good friends’ daughter’s name.
  • Genevieve- Ed hates it
  • Vivienne- Ed hates it
  • Eleanor-was my grandmother’s name and she and Ed had a…stormy relationship.  Also my cousin has a baby Eleanor.
  • Henry- we just aren’t feeling it anymore.  It doesn’t lend itself to shortening/nicknaming which I am fond of (and NO to Hank)
  • Benjamin- Bad association from high school, sounds weird with our last name.
  • Samuel- Niece who spends a lot of time here, is Samantha who goes by Sam/Sami

Here are the names I have been kicking around as of late in no particular order:


  • Elizabeth
  • Molly
  • Ruby
  • Leah
  • Lauren
  • Lily
  • Lyla
  • Julia
  • Jane


  • William
  • Andrew
  • Carter

So, yeah.  Maybe I should copy this whole post and email it to Swistle to dissect. Or maybe I should really just name them Thurston and Reba.  They would be fairly unique for sure!

Or maybe you all should just name my babies!

Yes, I vote for that option.

In which I preliminarily discuss baby names

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To be honest, I cannot believe that I have put it off this long.  We don’t know if the babies are boys or girls yet, but with that revelation looming, and my second trimester starting next week, it seems like it is time to at the very least make a preliminary list.  We decided on Hannah’s name maybe a week before we knew she was a girl.  (Her name prompted my favorite post of all time, by the way, here.) Until then, we had kicked a few names around, but nothing was The Name.  If I don’t start making some lists now though, I’m not sure that we will ever come to an agreement.  We’ve had some small discussions, but nothing of any consequence yet.  We have time, but the planner in me needs to have things decided sooner rather than later.

So, without further ado, here is the preliminary list:

  1. Henry- Ed wasn’t completely sold on this one until my mother vehemently opposed it.  If there is a boy in my belly, he will be Henry.  I like the way this fits with our other names as well.
  2. Mason- this is Eddie’s middle name, so it’s kind of weird, but we are looking for a way to honor Ed’s dad without using his first name, because he hated his first name with a passion.  Mason was his middle name as well.
  3. Carter- we both like it, though it seems a little bit too modern with the rest of the kids’ names.
  4. Matthew- this is my brother’s name, Ed doesn’t consider it “naming a baby after my brother”, he just likes the name.  I think it’s weird.

A short list for boys.  I’ve never had to name a boy, as Eddie’s name was a given, so I have no back ups, no would have used, or anything.  I am very open to suggestions.



  1. Georgia- I am so in love with this name, but Ed says it reminds him of a southern stripper, so it is quite unlikely that I will get to use it.
  2. Jane (nn Janie)- Love Love Love.  Ed says he will always sing “Janie’s got a gun” and that puts him off.
  3. Vivienne- this is my favorite as of today. No, I do not care about the Brad and Angie association.  I think it is a great alternative to Olivia, one of my favorite but unusable names. I like the idea of a little Vivi running around. I have not mentioned this name to Ed yet.
  4. Genevieve- I would struggle to not always pronounce this in the beautiful french way.  I would love the nickname Evie.  I have not mentioned this name to Ed yet.
  5. Molly- this has been a backup name of ours for years and it has never stuck.  My grandfather always wanted a daughter or granddaughter named Molly.  I’ve…known too many dogs named Molly and I don’t know if I could convert it to a person name at this point.
  6. Olivia- this is on Ed’s list. If you know my last name, use O as an initial before it.  No.  Just no. But he is fighting!!
  7. Abby- This is another of our backups, Ed’s #1 name.  I have 2 problems, the first being that our good friend has a daughter named Abby.  We see her at least weekly.  Her Abby is 12 though.  The second issue is that just before we were married, one of Ed’s co-workers was writing him sappy emails.  Long story short, I went batshit crazy on her.  Her name was Abby, and I still have a bitter taste in my mouth about her 10 years later.

I just had a thought–wouldn’t Vivienne and Genevieve be fabulous names for 2 girls?  Oh, I think they would!!

So obviously, we will have a much easier time naming girls than naming boys–though maybe not since we haven’t agreed on anything yet. I would like to know the opinions of the masses though.  What do you think of my list? What are your favorite names for me, based on the rest of our kiddos’ names? What are your favorite names for you?

Baby Names? Already?

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I realize that I am like, a day pregnant. I do. (Ok, I am 5 weeks—in my 6th week, but whatever.) But these are things that I talk about when I’m not expecting, so it’s totally ok.

Anyhoo, we’ve been throwing around the idea of not finding out what we’re having this time to change it up a little bit. Part of me thinks it’s a great idea—we already have everything we need either way gender wise. The nosey Nellie in me needs to know right away. If it were possible to know today I would find out. I guess I have plenty of time to make a decision.

With all of this baby talk comes name talk though and it is proving to be a challenge, especially in the boy category. We kicked around Ben but decided it sounded ridiculous with our last name. We both kind of like Henry. But just kind of. I like Andrew, or Andy or Drew, he doesn’t. I like Hayden, he doesn’t—because Hayden Christianson played Darth Vader in Star Wars……So then I suggested Luke and he was against that too. He suggested Edward to which I replied ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?? Like we would be these freaks with 2 kids named Eddie. WTF. Our fall back name is Matthew, which is my brother’s name. It couples nicely with Christopher as a middle name, which is hub’s brother’s name. (I feel bad though because my other brother might get jealous) It also makes for some nice rapper MC jokes. In fact we were like “MC Lastname!” all night making “wickie wickie” record spinning sounds. I think we’re leaning toward a little bit out of the ordinary if it’s a boy, though.

For girls, we still both like Olivia, but again, the last name issue. We both really like Abbey too, but not as a nickname for Abigail, just Abbey. My problem with that name is that just before we were married there was this girl Hub worked with who has the same name. She kind of stalked him for a while and sent him some love letters. Until I sent her a nasty email which somehow gave ME a reputation where he worked as being a crazy bizotch. But I digress– I think I can get past it. I THINK. I love Grace, he hates it. I like Ella and he’s iffy on it. I like Jenna, he hates it.

Chinese gender predictor says it’s a girl. It has never been wrong before, but of course there is no science behind it.

We are definitely open to suggestions at this point—especially for boys. PLEASE! NAME OUR BABY!

I have 8.5 more months to think about it.

Random List Post (on weight, diet, baby names, child spacing, you name it!) I’m everywhere today!!

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It so feels like Wednesday to me today. I don’t know why. I feel out of sorts. Maybe because I went to the gym this morning and I usually (by usually I mean last week) go MWF? I don’t know. In any case this will be a list post, because I really like lists, but also because I’m feeling a bit lazy.

1. Speaking of the gym, I’ve been going for a week and at least paying attention to what I eat, and I have lost one tiny pound. One. I wish there was some way to see immediate results. I wish I was the type of person who could do one of those crazy liquid diets. I wish that I could somehow get the lbs. to melt away. It doesn’t work that way though, huh.
2. Speaking of weight loss, I causally mentioned to Ed that I was going back on the pill because I don’t want an unplanned pregnancy to get in the way of my weight loss goals. (I have an appointment 11/9) He was actually kind of upset with me about it. He kind of thought we’d have another baby sooner than later. Well ok then. We disagree. I’m not canceling the appointment, but I will have a serious discussion with him before I start the pill. Who knew??
3. Eddie and Caitlyn were spitting last night. Their dinner, their beverages, just plain spit, you name it. They were out of control. At one point, I said to Eddie sternly “We do not spit in this house” and he said “Well can we spit in other peoples houses?” I had to walk away so he wouldn’t see me laughing.
4. I’m tired of my job and the shenanigans that go on. That’s all I have to say about that.
5. Caitlyn is on day 5 of being dry. She ran back and forth from the bathroom all last night saying that she needed to poop, but couldn’t get it out. She went in her pull-up right before bed and was actually upset about it. Today is a new day!!
6. Our local park is having an enchanted forest tonight and my FIL and I are taking the kids to walk through. I think they’ll enjoy it. Plus they get to try out their costumes before wearing them to school tomorrow.
7. Eddie still hates school in case you were wondering. He keeps asking for Ed to go with to drop him off, and I know it’s because Ed will stay and I will not. Ed can’t say no though, and usually follows us over. I kiss both kids goodbye and go. Ed has usually just left Eddie by the time my 20 minute commute to work ends. Now even at home, he wants to know where I am all the time—and says things like “Mommy, don’t leave me!!” when I put him to bed or am in the kitchen or something. I wish I knew what to do. I’m sure it’s not stay by his side for life, which is totally my inclination right now. I just feel like “my poor poor baby….” All of the time.
8. It’s supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow for trick or teat—how awesome is that? I have to pick up crap for the kids to take to school tomorrow for their party and parade and now apparently for an impromptu Halloween party at work. I should have saved the pumpkin cookies (which are FRICKEN AWESOME!!) for tomorrow.
9. Did I happen to mention that we took all of the chocolate candy the kids got last Halloween and put it in the freezer? We have every intention of passing it out tomorrow night. Is that wrong in some way? It was all standard sealed chocolate; we didn’t save gummies or anything, so I think it should be fine. They weren’t going to eat it all.
10. I’d love to know what everyone is dressing their kids as for Halloween, or better yet, I’d like to see photos.
11. FINALLY!! I happened to hear a girls name on the radio this morning and immediately decided it was my new 2nd or 3rd favorite name for a girl. Do you want to hear it? No really, do you? It’s a name Ed would never go for, but I love it. Are you ready? It’s Sabina. I think it’s so pretty! Sabina. It makes me smile.