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Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy-Week 23–I think we’ve named our babies

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Here is a picture of me at 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant with Hannah:


Here I am at 23 weeks and 1 day with the twins:


I am starting to get nervous.  The amount of stretching going on here is unfathomable to me.  And to think that we have (realistically) between 12 and 16 more weeks to go…well, it scares me.  Pants of any kind are starting to get on my nerves.  Walking around for any period of time causes my belly to become uncomfortably tight.  Furthermore, I can barely type around it anymore, which is an issue.

I have a sonogram on Friday, to check growth, and then my regular doctor’s appointment next week.  This starts the rotation of all medical monitoring all the time, to include more blood work, gestational diabetes testing, more sonograms, more appointments and the like.  It is probably close to time for me to stop working, but I’m not mentally there yet.

We’ve made a pretty good dent in our newborn sized clothing, which pleases me.  The new cloth diapers I ordered arrived on Friday, and once I receive the next set of used ones I have coming, we should be set.  The beds will arrive this week too.

It is all happening so fast.

Last week, I had something of an epiphany regarding our girl’s name.  It was a name that was on our list for Eddie, had he been a girl and was one that hat trickled in and out of discussions through the years.  About an hour after this train of thought, Ed sent me a text that was one word: Molly, to which I replied “???” and he said “Your daughter?” and I burst in to tears, because this was the name I had been thinking about earlier.  And just like that, she was named and I felt really good about it.

On Friday, Ed told me he had thought of an equally good boy’s name but he wasn’t going to tell me in the hopes that I would think of it too.  Long story short, I did not think of it, but on Friday night he told me and asked what I thought.  I was kind of shocked, not because I don’t like the name, but because it seems out of the ordinary for something Ed would like.  I was also moderately nervous about the reactions we would get from family and friends if we chose it.  Then, on Saturday while I waited for the girls at gymnastics, I took to Twitter and asked what everyone thought, if it seemed weird with our other names and so on. By this time, I was feeling that the baby WAS this name, but I just needed some help getting there, and help I got.  I came home and told Ed that I was pretty sure it was our baby boy’s name.  The name is Angus, with a nickname of Gus.  And I sort of love it.  Ed decided to try the names out on his family that evening. and of course, the reaction  was not what I wanted.  They thought he was joking.  One person said “Well it’s not important if *I* like it…”, and while it’s not really important, I struggled with knowing that they all went home and probably snickered about it a bit. And again, Twitter helped me through.  And nobody even mentioned the Colonel Angus SNL skits, that my husband thought would be funny to bring up. So many people had such nice and positive and EFF EVERYONE else thoughts. And Temerity Jane even pointed out that MacGyver’s first name was Angus, and is my family too good for MacGyver? (No they are not). Anyway what I’m getting at is that I think we are going to take the punches and move forward with Angus, regardless of the cow references, and regardless of anything or anyone else.

I especially like how Angus coordinates with Edmund, and that neither name has been in the top 1000, um, ever.  Molly coordinates with the girls in the same way–though it is a little less common–it is on par with the popularity of their names.  And I think they all work well together, and nobody shares an initial, and nobody is named Obedient (If you don’t know my last name, you are lost…sorry). I like that they all give off sort of the same vibe.  I am pleased.

Hannah is very upset that we cannot name them Mickey and Minnie.

I have not told my mother either of the names yet.

Of course, the babies need to stay put for quite a while longer, but I finally feel prepared for all of this.  As prepared as one can be anyway.  Babies! With names! And gear! I think I say something like this every week, but this really is happening! Can you believe it?

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  1. Choosing the names is SUCH an exciting milestone!

  2. You are so much more ready than I am. I feel like a slacker. We don’t have everything we need, although we have a great start and could make do with what we have. And don’t even get me started on names. We’re having issues.

    I love the names you choose. I think they sound great together.

  3. They’re perfect! Molly & Gus. We have a few men named Angus on our family tree. At the ‘top’ of our tree (as far back as anyone has researched) is ‘Big Angus’ McSomething, which I can’t help but say in a thick Scottish accent! Congrats on finding the perfect names!

  4. It wouldn’t matter WHAT the names were, someone wouldn’t like them. Guaranteed. I’m glad you aren’t letting it bother you!!

  5. I love it – Molly and Gus. Perfect!

    We went with Emery for our first daughter named after my grandfather. I know some in our families thought it was strange that we would use a “boy’s” name on a girl but now, I can’t imagine her being anything else.

  6. Oh I LOVE Molly. Love. I really like Gus, too. I kind of want a Molly & Gus now.

  7. I heard a mom calling an Angus at the gym daycare thingy this morning! Yay for naming babies! It’s like they’re REAL PEOPLE now or something!

  8. I feel like Molly is a no-brainer because it’s cute, decently popular, and just so perfect with your other girl names. I think that Angus is a great name, it’s just not what anyone is expecting to hear because I’m guessing no one knows a real life Angus. So maybe they were just surprised? When I first read it, I was like “whoa, that’s a name you never hear”, but by the time I made it into work 10 minutes later, it just seemed like the most perfect name ever. Molly and Gus. I absolutely love them both! And you know how names are – the people who reacted weirdly are going to totally love Gus and it will be impossible to picture him with any other name once he’s here and not just a theoretical baby in your belleh. And if not? EFF EM 🙂

  9. WELL…. I guess if Rita and Guacamole are out of the question, Gus and Molly will have to do.

    Honestly – love them both! And you!!!

  10. I’m so excited for you that you picked names! Molly and Gus are great =)!

  11. Well, as a mom to a Gus (ours is August Charles), I approve 100%! Congrats on picking out names!

  12. Molly and Gus.

    This honest to goodness made a bit teary at work. Your sweet babies have names. Love.

  13. I love the story of Molly. Too sweet.
    And I also LOVE those names together. Old fashioned, sort of Scottish/English sounding, but not weird old fashioned, just not common.

  14. I can’t frippin’ wait. It is going to be so awesome, you lucky lucky people.

  15. Molly and Gus! That so works!

    …and I had a sad moment earlier this week when I remembered that one of our favorite names (besides Molly) was Millicent. WHY didn’t he pick Millicent? Millie!!!!


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