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(Belated) Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy–Week 36 (and 2 days)

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Our twins are here!

Molly Olivia was born on March 1st at 5:07PM and was 6lbs 2.2oz, 18 1/4 inches

molly birth

Angus Westley was born on March 1st at 5:11PM and was 6lbs 13oz, 19 inches

angus birth

More than 2 weeks later, we are all home and doing quite well!  More to come soon!

sara twins

Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy–Week 33 (THIRTY! THREE!)

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I’ve made it through another week, which according to my OB is a milestone.  She seems to think that based on the size of these babies, and how I am carrying them, that there is no way I will make it until March 12 for my C-section.  The section is scheduled, mind you, for 1:30 PM on that day, but she’s told me that it doesn’t really matter, because I’m not going to be there.  Ok then!

My plan is to be stubborn and hold on to these babies for at least another 2 weeks, taking me to 36.  I will be 34 weeks tomorrow, and while I am very uncomfortable, I really think I can do 2 more weeks.  I have to.  We aren’t quite ready for these babies yet anyway.

I’ve pretty much put myself on a modified bed rest at this point.  For every hour I am up doing something, it seems as though I need 3 or 4 hours to recover.  I’m taking it easy as much as I can, sitting whenever possible and lounging on our chaise whenever I can.  I’ve made it through washing and folding all the baby clothes, burp cloths, towels and wash cloths.  Ed is under orders to get the car seats installed.  My bag and the baby bag are packed.  Our bedroom remains gutted, so that is Ed’s priority.  I’m hoping to have walls in there by the end of the weekend–I would really like to get their beds put together.

Today we have the first of our weekly sonograms and from what I am told, today will be a quickie–not necessarily measuring the growth since last week, but just checking fluid, heart rate and positions.  I’ve felt like maybe there are more feet in my ribs these last few days, but that may just be wishful thinking/my imagination. (Flip Molly, Flip!!) Ed is coming with me because the OB said to be prepared to be admitted after any of the sonograms from this point forward.  I feel like that’s a little bit of overreacting, but whatever.  Who am I to say, I suppose.

I’ve got some thoughts on having a C-section that I want to write out, but I think it’s a post for a different day.

I did get one picture of myself this week–at a wellness event at school of all places.  When I look at it, I feel like there is no way I should physically be able to be up and walking around, and yet I am. Thank God for those extra long tanks I bought from Old Navy.  None of my other shirts hide my belly anymore.  I would be screwed!


Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy–Week 32 (Thirty! Two!)

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32 weeks Wow, amiright? This is me lounging in my usual position on the chaise over the weekend.  This is not just a belly.  It’s a BELLEH.

I had hoped to have photos to share from our family portrait session, but they decided to wait and do some edits before showing them to us, so I won’t see them until Thursday. That being said, this is my only current 32 weeks shot.

The past week was pretty eventful! We took our family photos on Saturday.  This is something that I really like to do before we bring home a new baby (or 2)–photograph our family for the last time as we are now.  In fact, here are the ones we had done just before Hannah arrived (with a bonus story about my run in with labor and delivery that very night due to a fall). I keep marveling at how gross I looked during that pregnancy as opposed to now.  In any case, I really can’t wait to see the photos, even though Hannah was difficult through most of it. Hopefully I will be able to share them here soon.

Sunday, a few of my girlfriends and I had plans to go out for lunch.  I know I mentioned it on Twitter, but surprises (and reacting to surprise in general) make me really uncomfortable,  so when Ed told me a few weeks ago that the girls were planning a surprise shower, I sort of panicked.  The told me we were going to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, and I was going to be really disappointed if we didn’t actually go there! It ended up being fantastic though.  2 of the girls picked me up, and we stopped at K’s house where they had gifts waiting for me.  After I opened them all (new boppy, tub, bath stuff, towels, clothes, wipes, detergent etc.) we did head off to lunch and had a fantastic time.  I can’t describe how good it feels to have good local friends again after what seemed like forever of all my friends either being out of town or living inside my computer.

Yesterday was my 32-week ultrasound, and I cannot even believe how much bigger the babies are after just 4 weeks.  The ultrasound tech struggled to get good measurements because there is just so much baby filling me up.  Sadly, Miss Molly is still breach and her head is sort of locked under Gus’s feet.  He has long legs that are wedged way up under my ribs, and is more transverse than head down.  It looks like we are without a doubt headed to c-section city. The babies weigh in at 4lba12oz (Molly) and 5lbs (Gus). We are still under Eddie’s total birth weight, but you have to figure with fluid and placentas, not to mention that they are 2 separate people, that I have never in my life been as pregnant as I am now.   We did get some decent baby face shots.  Gus (Baby B) makes me just want to shout “CHEEEEKS!” They were so prominent that I pointed them out on the screen.

Here is Molly (and this is the best picture we have of her to date, the little monkey):


And here’s Gus:


It’s maybe harder to tell from the scanned version, but I can totally see their little faces.  Real live babies, you guys!

I also got a lot of my baby shopping finished last week, and got their bag  packed for the hospital.  All of the clothes are washed.  Now I just need to worry about myself.

Ed and his brother started gutting the back room yesterday as well…actually it is pretty well gutted, so it seems as though we all will have a place to sleep by the time the babies arrive.

I’m having a hard time believing that I will actually make it through these next 5  weeks without spontaneously going in to labor. I’m thinking positively though.  I tell myself often “You are not having these babies today.”.

So, before we know it…babies.  BABIES! I think I am almost ready!

Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy–week 31 (THIRTY! ONE!)

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So, if things continue as they are, meaning that Miss Molly stays breach, I am having a C-section 6 weeks from today. 6 weeks.  2 babies.  This scares the ever loving crap out of me.

My OB appointment last week was routine.  Everything is fantastic.  If anything, my blood pressure is too low. But, as far as the dr. could tell, the babies are still in the same positions. We decided to schedule a C-section now in order to get a good time slot with the understanding that IF she flips, we will induce instead.  So.  The C-section is scheduled for 3/12. If we induce, it may be the 11th or 13th instead.  In any case, 6 weeks.  SIX.

My work shower was last week, and though it was small, it was fun.  I am now the proud owner of a double stroller, the My Brest Friend double nursing pillow, Easter outfits, blankets and bibs. These are also the only photos I got of my belly this week.  I am not angry or possessed as these photos might indicate.  If you look closely at the middle one, you can see my alien belly button.

46345_4627196790358_1347106995_n 309869_4627193230269_1672812831_n 550226_4627179429924_108465029_n

I had lunch with some friends at Pizza Hut yesterday and the server was a total creeper.  She started by saying as I walked in “Oh my GOD, when are you due? Like, right now?”, then asked to touch my belly, harassed me about their names and was just an overall pain in the ass. If I wasn’t afraid of her spitting in my food, I’d have been nasty to her.

We have gotten the whole basement cleaned out, and Ed is prepping to start the process of swapping rooms and officially making room for these babies.  It just keeps getting more and more real.

Finally, we have family photos scheduled for Saturday.  I’m excited to have the last photo of our family of 5 and to showcase the belly.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to include some of those in next week’s post.

Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy-Week 30 (THIRTY!!)

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My belly is stretched so thin that the skin shines.  It itches.  My belly button has a life of its own. This is new territory.  I’ve been big before; don’t get me wrong.  All of my pregnancies have come with an extra large belly, but I am no longer what you would consider just plain big.  I’m BIIIIIIG.

Really though, it’s just in the belly.  I am smaller everywhere else than I normally am.  I am buying maternity pants a size smaller than my regular pants. I bought a petite pair of jeans last week that fit! (Though I did exchange them regulars to have a little more give in the thigh)

I enter for the record exhibits A and B. I went in to Ed’s office last week for some meetings AND because I like his bathroom mirror and the lighting in there.  I don’t know, though.  I’m starting to believe the people who tell me that I look fantastic. I did not do my hair or put on makeup this day.  AND I was sick! Anyway, I’m not saying that I’m going to go out and win beauty contests, I just want to point it out for the record, that I feel like I look pretty good given my state of knockeduppedness. This is also my new favorite shirt.

30 weeks1

30 weeks2

Anyway, I’ve been off of work for a week now, and while I’ve made less progress on the house than I would have liked (thanks to STILL being sick), the basement is nearly clean. I’ve self imposed a restriction on washing any baby clothes until it’s done, and we really are close. The overall plan is to dedicate 4ish hours a day to house projects–and I’m talking ones where I don’t have to be on my feet.  Standing for long (ok, any) periods of time irritates the old ute. We have a lot to do though, as Ed and I still need to take over the master suite and get all the baby stuff set up in there.

I have a baby shower this Friday being thrown by my friends from work.  The thing about working with the same people for nearly 13 years, is that they know me so well.  My friend Ro knows that I hate surprises (and she can’t keep secrets, so this works out) and has already told me what they’re buying me. I’m excited about it–as much as I love working from home, I do miss seeing them every day.

I also have my regular checkup set for tomorrow–every 2 weeks now! I can tell the babies are running out of room in there because I’m feeling more squirming than hardcore kicking.  Even though I know they’re in there, hearing the heartbeats always eases my mind. I have a break on the ultrasound front until 2/4, but after that it will be sonos and n/s tests and all kinds of fun stuff, probably weekly. I’m going to enjoy the break for now.


Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy-Week 29

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This isn’t 29 weeksthe best photo.  You can barely even see my saucy red shoes.  But, it is what I have for this week.  That’s my new sister-in-law, by the way.  Ed’s brother got married this past weekend!

I’m struggling with having been consistently ill since December 15th.  I had a small break between illnesses, but really, it’s been all sick, all the time up in here.  And it’s hard to be sick under normal circumstances, but when you are sick and can’t do much about it, it’s even worse.  The meds I’m “allowed” to take don’t do anything.  There’s been a ton of honey and lemon and tea coursing through my system.  I think I’m finally starting to feel better, but my stomach muscles are so incredibly sore, especially those surrounding my umbilical hernia, that I want to (1) scream and (2) curl up in to a ball and die every time I have a coughing fit.  It’s depressing, to say the least.

And of course, I could be bed ridden and have a multitude of other problems.  I don’t, and I am grateful.  I am probably healthier now at this point than I’ve been in any of my other pregnancies.  Complaining about back to back (to back) colds does seem a bit trite.  I know.  I KNOW. And I’m doing it anyway.  I know.

My 28-week appointment last week earned me the right to stop working.  I told her about my ribs falling asleep, and being unable to type around my belly, and the other uncomfortable issues I’m having.  She thought I was crazy for working this long anyway. So, I am finishing up a few minor work things this week in my spare time, but I am officially off from now until 12 or so weeks after the babies are here.  We have a ton to do to get ready, so it makes me feel a bit better.  Now, to just feel well enough to get it all done.

Hannah went with me to my appointment last week as she was on her last swine flu recovery day before going back to school, and the dr. let her work the Doppler to hear the heartbeats.  Even though she was shy, she kind of thought it was the greatest thing ever.  I’m worried about Hannah and her adjustment after the babies are here.

Honestly, I think I’m more worried about ME adjusting to her not being the baby than I am about her own adjustment. I’m sure that I wrote something similar about Caitlyn when Hannah was the unknown person in my womb, but Hannah is just…Hannah. She was such a sick and needy baby with her awful reflux and ear infections and never sleeping. It has sort of been the mommy and Hannah show for nearly 5 years now. She probably gets 50% of my total parenting attention with Eddie and Cait (who are granted self sufficient and older) splitting the other 50%. I don’t know why or what it is about her that makes me coddle her so. When I think about not having All the Time for her though, I get panicky and sad.  This is irrational, I know.  Just like I know that our family dynamic will change and be just fine, just like it has been every other time. As much as I like to think it, she really hasn’t been a baby for a long time.  We’re registering her for kindergarten next month for pete’s sake! Anyway, I will get over it, obviously.  It’s just been weighing on me this last week or so.

So anyway…tomorrow is 30 weeks, which means we have an official 8 weeks until baby time.  As much as I will be glad to have the pregnancy over with, I still feel like *I* need more time.  Perhaps I can slow the weeks down somehow.


Packing the Hospital Bag

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Maybe I am weird, but I love getting my hospital bag ready to go.  I definitely over-packed for Eddie’s birth, (I also packed a gigantic snowsuit for him to wear home from the hospital, and he ended up going home in just clothes, and bundled in the car seat under blankets–I totally had no clue how big the suit was (there was no tag) in comparison to the size of a baby. It was January.  My first parental fail was on the books!) but since then I’ve pretty much gotten it down to a science.  I’m finishing up work this week, so the coming weeks will involve lots of baby prep and packing my bag is high on my list.

I always buy myself new stuff to bring to the hospital.  I don’t want their toiletries, I don’t want their gowns and I don’t want their tiny cans of warm ginger ale (ok, I’ll take the ginger ale.  And Lorna Doons.  Give me All the Lorna Doons). Having new and exciting things in my bag makes the hospital stay a little bit better for me.  I can deal with the 25 wake ups per night to take my blood pressure when I know I can take a shower in the morning with a luxurious smelling soap and sample sized shampoo.

Here is what goes in to my hospital bag:

  • New Pajamas.  I will wear their gear on the first day when they are “checking by bottom” and while I deal with…other issues. Generally though, I hate the hospital gowns and I prefer to wear pants. I like to buy stretchy pajama pants at Target (Something O’Malley) and matching shirt–something that is stretchy and conducive to nursing, but that isn’t a mumu.  I’m hoping to get multiples this time around on the off chance that I will be in the hospital for longer than 2 nights.
  • New Slippers and new socks.  My feet will not touch the hospital floor, no they will not.  New slippers and socks are a very fun post-delivery item to look forward to.
  • My Robe. I don’t ever wear my bathrobe at home, but it’s a necessity in the hospital.  It has pockets and is medium weight.  I’ve found that the room temperature varies, so it’s nice to have an extra layer.
  • A Nursing Bra. I have yet to have any substantial milk come in while I am in the hospital, but I always do what I am told and wear my nursing bra.
  • A handful of breast pads. Same as above.  I bring them, but leakage never starts until a day or 2 after I am home.
  • Toiletries. I like to go through the sample section at Target and see what strikes my fancy for shampoo for shampoo and conditioner.  I also grab a new puffy sponge, deodorant, and tooth paste. Sometimes I find a nice body wash and lotion in the sample area as well, but other times I will pick up small sized ones from Bath and Body Works.
  • A brush and hair ties. This is just common sense.  Anything else I would normally pack for a trip gets thrown in my toiletry bag.
  • My own underwear. I know this is unpopular, but I hate those mesh underwear.  HATE THEM. I usually buy some comfy cotton underwear just for the hospital with full knowledge that they may get ruined.
  • A Phone Charger. I can’t be without my Twitters.
  • Snacks. I like to bring pop tarts, granola bars and cookies.  Any small snacks to nibble in the middle of the night, or in the morning when I’m waiting for my breakfast. It’s also nice to have a little snack for the kids when they come to visit.
  • Camera. This is a given.
  • Going home clothes for the babies. This includes a size appropriate jacket and hat.  I bought the JJ Cole carseat covers to keep them warm as well, since it will still be winter, but they will be on the carseats already. I don’t bring much else for them since the hospital has most of it.
  • Clothes for me to wear home. This is actually only a maybe item, because if my birth is scheduled, I will wear home the same clean clothes I wore on the way in.
  • Magazines. I am almost always too tired to concentrate on reading, but flipping through a magazine can be relaxing.
  • Nursing Pillow. This won’t actually fit in the bag, but I will have Ed bring it in post delivery.

Now that I’ve typed it out, it seems like I’m forgetting something.  I have some time to think about it though.  Do you have any must haves to put in your hospital bag?

Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy-Week 28

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Third trimester, baby!

I neglected to take a photo this week as I was busy discovering how hard it is to take care of sick people in your house when you can barely move and take care of yourself.  Ed had some sort of weird bug last week, and then Eddie wasn’t quite himself.  Hannah started running a high fever on Sunday and was confirmed to have H1N1 at the Dr. on Monday morning, which caused us to have to scramble all day to arrange her care, because I had a sonogram scheduled, and Ed had a big job that couldn’t be moved and we have no help and it was just a clusterfuck in every sense of the word.  BUT! Today is better.  This week will be better.

I went in for my Gestational Diabetes testing last week and while it wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had, it was no big deal.  My results came through last night, and were nice and good at 126, so no 3 hour test or anything like that.  If I am reading the report right, I may be mildly anemic, but that is nothing new.  I am so pleased that medically speaking, everything has been so normal, even with he strain of having an extra baby in there. My body really was made to carry babies.  It’s too bad that I can’t pass it (and my super fertility) on to someone else now that I’m done with it.

Yesterday was my 28 week ultrasound.  Baby Girl (A) is breech and Baby Boy (B) is head down.  I’ve been assured though that there is plenty of time for her to flip and settle head down.  I am worried about her running out of room to flip, but in keeping with my usual MO, I am not going to worry about it until I have to. As I thought, Baby Boy is no longer lying straight across under my ribs.  They are actually head to to, sort of in a circle like this ( ). Because everyone is growing well, and because there are separate sacs, both with plenty of fluid and such, my next scan will be in 4 weeks instead of 2.  Unless my OB says otherwise tomorrow, that is.

My regularly scheduled appointment is tomorrow, and from there, we go every 2 weeks.  Plans for tomorrow’s appointment include talking about stopping or reducing work because it’s hard for me to sit in my chair for long periods of time.  Propping my keyboard has helped, but my rib area falls asleep and my tailbone can’t handle the office chair for long periods of time.  I’m afraid that I may not make it to the end of the month as originally intended.

We are slowly but surely getting ready for the babies.  We have clothes and blankets.  We’ve accumulated about 800 disposable diapers to use in the first month or so, and I have enough cloth for after that.  Ed sill thinks I’m crazy, but that’s ok.  We have most of the big gear and we have the money to redo the master bedroom, and make room for them in there.  We also bought a second (used) minivan so that either of us can port 5 kids (5! Kids!) where they need to go.  Things are coming along!

Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy–Week 27

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27 weeksI’m sort of in love with this picture.  I…am very pregnant.  I’m actually 28 weeks today, but am behind on my weekly posting thanks to the holidays. Anyway. I still feel pretty good!  This is somewhat amazing to me.  I am sore, yes.  I have heartburn.  It’s hard to stand or walk for long periods of time.  But I feel good! Who knew it could be true when carrying around so much baby!

I have been off of work for 2 weeks now, due to being sick and then my vacation.  It was really hard to come back today.  I’m exhausted and kind of cranky about it.  I’m ready to start my leave now, though my actual plan is to work through the end of the month if possible.

I had a dream the other night where I saw Molly’s face so clearly.  Fuzzy dark hair like Cait.  Big, round, dark blue eyes.  Tiny. It was so vivid that I woke up kind of freaked out.  Gus was wrapped in a blanket to the side, and I did not see his face.  It makes me wonder though, if she really will look that way.  I’m holding out for Gus to be my redhead.

We are pretty settled on a middle name for Angus at this point…Westley, in tribute to The Princess Bride which we love.  No such luck for Molly, but I can tell you that it will not be Buttercup.

We will have babies here in 10 weeks or less, and as much as I’ve said it, I have not processed it.  I need to work on that, I suppose. Monday starts my rigorous schedule of ultrasounds and appointments every 2 weeks. I kind of need time to slow down.

Thoughts on Twin Pregnancy-Week 26

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This is late, due in part to The Plague and Christmas.  I did feel well enough to go out to dinner with my work friends last Friday though, and here I am, blurry, in my new favorite dress.  I guess my one thought for week 26 is to find a new photographer…

26 weeks

I really cannot fathom how large my belly is and will be in the weeks to come.